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Studying Tips to get A's

Updated on June 6, 2017

While in a semester of classes, whether high school, college, or any grade level really, it is easy to get in a negative mindset. This tends to happen in the middle of the semester, as in the beginning, you're ready to learn, and at the end, you're ready to be done. When you reach this mindset it is hard to come out, your grades drop and you aren't really ready for the oncoming exams. Hopefully, this piece will help you get back into the swing of the school year, with fun and easy methods of studying.

Study Space

One of the most important parts of maintaining good study habits is keeping your study space clean. Any clutter around you can easily take your mind off the task at hand and will "clutter" your mind.

To easily maintain this clean up your desk after you study, put your books away after you use them. Clean any food that you may have eaten. Keep pencil holders and other organizational tools at your desk. Just keep away from clutter, and if your desk seems to get cluttered even after you just cleaned, use a study break to pick up what mess may have appeared.

If your desk looks nice it will make you want to use it more. Think about how if a restaurant has beautiful interior then you want to eat there. It is the same mindset here, keep your study area neat and you'll want to study more.

Take Breaks

You shouldn't be doing hours and hours of studying without stop, that will wear you out, and studies have shown that if you're worn out you actually remember less. So the best thing to do is to take breaks. Study for forty-five minutes and then break for fifteen. There are many apps on your phone that allow you to do this. My personal favorite is Break Timer, it is a free app for both Apple and Android, and you can program to for any time lengths that you want. It will tell you when to start and when to stop

Even when you're on break you should be doing something that is productive, some good examples of what to do while on break are:

  • Clean around the room
  • Get a healthy snack
  • Exercise
  • Read a book
  • Draw
  • Watch a youtube video

You can scroll around social media but that shouldn't be what you do with every break. The more productive you are in that time the more you are able to accomplish.

Coffee shop study session

Thank you to Samantha Ames for being my model.
Thank you to Samantha Ames for being my model. | Source

Change Locations

When an active student it is easy to get stuck in a rut. Whether or not you don't have the motivation to get to your desk and read, or you can't put the phone down. This happens to every student, especially in the middle of the year. A great way to fix this issue is to change the location that you're studying in. There are many places to go that can get you out of a rut.

Some of those places are:

  • A Coffee Shop - most coffee shops give you access to free wifi, so you can take your laptop get a coffee and maintain focus on the task.
  • The Library - the library has access to the internet as well as all the physical copies you need. This is also a nice place to sit, read a book, and get back into the swing of learning. This can be any library in your area, either the one at school or one that is in your town.
  • Just Change Rooms - If you are unable to leave your house by just changing the room that you're studying in will give you a boost of moral.

Snack While You Study

Most of the people that I have talked to about this topic say that they always procrastinate, usually, they do this by saying "I'm going to eat first, then I'll study" but then they eat and they never get around to studying. A way to avoid this is to eat at the same time as you study.

You can even make this into a game with yourself, after reading two paragraphs eat a couple pieces of sliced apple. Then you get excited as you read because you get a little treat as you move along.

The best things to eat are something that is small or can be cut into small pieces, that way you don't have to focus on eating a whole thing. You can now continue to focus on your work and just grab a piece.

The best things to eat are:

  • Apples
  • Small pieces of candy
  • Cookies
  • Oranges
  • Crackers

The drinks you consume also have an effect, drinking something loaded with sugar will decrease productivity. But something like tea or coffee will increase productivity. So don't drink a soda, but water, milk, homemade lemonade or anything of that sort will be perfect.

Rewrite Your Notes

Physics notes on temperature.
Physics notes on temperature. | Source

Rewriting Notes

When you're in class note taking is a vital part of most courses, and over time people tend to make their own rituals on note taking. One the things that seems to work for most people is rewriting the notes after you are out of class.

The reasoning behind this is that while a student is in class, the information is coming rapidly so you don't have much time to gather your thoughts as the notes progress. So while in class write down everything. I cannot say that enough times, even if you think you know the material it won't hurt to write it down.

After you get home from class then go through your notes and see what information is vital, check to see what material will be on the test (if your professor gives you a guide) and then write that information down on a separate neater sheet of paper. Writing it down will not only help you remember the material but it can also help you gather any information that you were confused about earlier in the day.

Write and Rewrite


Don't Edit, Make Second Drafts

If you are required to write an essay in any class, the best thing to do that will ensure that you'll get the grade is to rewrite the essay as a whole. My technique of doing this is first, write your essay as fast as possible, think of it like you are state testing and you only have a half an hour to write 5 paragraphs. Once you finish that first draft it should be a mess, that is the best way see it, that

Once you finish that first draft it should be a mess, that is the best way see it. Then you go through the draft and highlight the parts you should keep, and that you enjoy. Gather your thoughts then write again. Go more in depth, add subparagraphs that further your statements.

Last go through the essay one more time to make sure that your points are clear and easy to read if they aren't, write again. Give your essay to a friend or peer have them look through it because at this point they might see something that you don't. notice.

Doing this will ensure that your work is professional and well written. A good way to think about doing this step is to imagine that you're writing a novel, by picturing this you tend to get more excited about the work that you're writing.

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