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Succeeding with Ashford University

Updated on July 30, 2013

Choosing Ashford

Ashford University is a fantastic online school that features an assortment of classes completely online. There are no time restraints, and there are very little guidelines as to when you should complete your work. That being said, this is the perfect school for those of us that work, have children, or are otherwise busy during the day.

Choosing Ashford was an easy choice for me because they accept financial aid, have a friendly staff, do not require you to log in during specific hours, and have fantastic instructors that will actually take the time out to email you if you have any questions. Also, getting used to the online classroom was very easy and the technical assistance crew is always happy to get back to you or even walk you through troubleshooting in a chat room if you do have nay issues.

The Classrooms

The largest classroom I was in had about thirty other people in it. Being used to a classroom with 200+ people, I was thrilled with the intimacy of these classrooms and I felt that I was never going to get overlooked. Little did I know, getting into the specialized classrooms meant that there would only be about fifteen or twenty other people, further enforcing the fact that I was going to be taken care of.

The entire class can be emailed, so asking for help is one of the easiest things you can do. You are able to talk to your instructor, and there is an online cafe that allows you to just socialize like you were in a real classroom.


Each class is five weeks long. I was previously taking 9-week classes, and was thrilled to notice that my program would be concluded that much faster. Thinking that this quickened pace meant more work, I was shocked to find that I was doing about as much coursework as I had been doing before.

There are two Discussions per week. These are generally 200-600 word posts about the subject you are studying. The week starts on Tuesday and the Discussions are due Thursday. You usually have to respond to two of your classmate, which is extremely beneficial in learning other points of view. Often, your instructor replies to your post, which gives you personal feedback each week on how you can improve.

Each week also usually consists of writing a short paper. This paper is exactly like your Discussions, but it important so you can show that you understand APA formatting. The papers are usually due Saturday.

Some classes require that you take a 10 question quiz at the end of the week. This is due Saturday as well. Most of the classes I have taken do not actually have these quizzes, but it is important to note.

That's it.

Five weeks of these easy tasks and you are done.


Most of the textbooks are given to you online. You have the option of buying a 'hard' copy of the books, but it is cheaper to just buy them online. These books are concise and easy to navigate, offering the ability to highlight and bookmark anything you want for easy reference. (The quizzes are usually taken verbatim from the text, so it is wise to utilize this feature).

If you do not want to play for these books, they are fairly easy to find in bookstores. This school does not use books that are unobtainable, they use current and popular textbooks that are extremely easy to come by.

Financial Aid

My Financial Aid Counselor was one of the most helpful people I have ever met. She was able to send me information that I couldn't find, and was happy to do so.

Ashford accepts financial aid and disperses stipends if available. I have never been shorted my stipends, and the money has never been lost in limbo like I have experienced with other schools.

They accept scholarships and will even give you links to a bunch of scholarships so that you can have an easy time in a great school.

The prices of the classes are very reasonable and although they charge a one-time technology fee, nothing else is ever popped up on your record other than your classes and textbooks. If you see anything on your account that you are confused about, they will be happy to help you.


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