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Success greatest enemy

Updated on July 9, 2011

It is said that self is the biggest hindrance to success, how so true is that statement. Have you ever thought of the magnitude of success that one could achieve if there was the absence of self consciousness?

It is so said that the formative years when many of us were growing up we had so a number of embarrassing situations which remain seated in our sub consciousness throughout life .These later mitigates against one becoming properly adjusted in the adult stage as these events lay repressed in our unconscious mind and resurface in adult life at times when we least expect. Shyness and self consciousness are sometimes the result of these early development problems, Aggression and egoistic, bully-like behavior is the other side of the personality disorders.


  Studies have shown that a child who did not get potty trained within  the correct developmental  stage , one who continues wetting bed beyond what is  considered normal, if not given psychological help will  grow up to be shy and self conscious. He will function normal but, for no real reason may become very shy in the company of others when he should be socializing.


 Embedded there in his unconscious is the shame and regret he experienced as a child and it may resurface at the most unlikely time.  He will not be able to put a finger on why he feels shy in a crowd and gets silent when he knows he should be speaking up, neither will he understands why his mind and body are shutting down emotionally and sometimes mentally.

So here we are at this point of self-consciousness or egotism the hindrances to our success.  What would you say is the greatest success man can attain? I dare say to achieve eternal life. This may come as a surprise, to you, and to many others mere foolishness.

 To be a Christian one must undergo some challenging situations.


The call for all Christians is to go out and evangelized the world telling others about Jesus Christ, and the opportunity of salvation. Salvation through Jesus is for those who receive the gift to believe. The self conscious individual will have to make concerted effort to do this job effectively for as said before, shyness and, egotism can impede. One of every Christian prayer should be “Lord help me to forget self”. When one forget self it does not give the right to insult other people, nor blatant disregard for moral, social and cultural tenets to the point of disrespect.

Self has put up so many barriers against success. The thoughts that run through the mind can be enormous such as; “Is my clothes looking good, do I use my tense correctly when I speak. Does my hair ,style fits me, Are they going to say I am colored, What will they say about my writing will they recognize my spelling weakness, am I too fat.” Just try listing all things that goes through the mind when thinking of doing something meaningful can be intimidating. Do you see the way these thoughts hold you back?

In reality individuals do really criticize, some with good intentions and if there are ways for you to improve you must try to do so since there is always good, better best to attain. Some individuals however are selfish and covetous and try to discourage you, begrudging your success.


The most successful individuals on earth will be the ones who have lived God fearing lives, who do not allow self come in the way to prevent them from receiving eternal life.

Having all the material wealth does not really make one truly successful and could only be if this present life is all that living is about. However true success comes with knowing that there is the prospect of eternal life. The emotion that most self conscious individuals feel is fear. One should do away with fear which is the result to self consciousness Fear only comes if one is afraid of losing, and the worst thing is to lose eternal life.


 I know it is sometimes more easily said than done and sometime we have to mentally convince ourselves by repeating meditative mantras. Here is one to get you through the most difficult situations and have brought success to many.”I can do all things through Christ that strengths me. 

Remember the way to measure success is to “aim at nothing and you will hit it with amazing accuracy”.


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