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Suffocated but still gives you life

Updated on July 9, 2012

Meaning of being live is that all your organs and organ systems are working and are in a good shape. All organs and these systems are made of cells that uptake oxygen from blood and give carbon dioxide to the blood. So every living being inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide by a process called breathing that is the essence of the life. For breathing process, oxygen is required abundantly. The only and biggest source of oxygen on this earth are trees. Trees uptake the carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen.

The trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen by the process callled photosynthesis. Such lush green trees make a nice scenery and clean the air
The trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen by the process callled photosynthesis. Such lush green trees make a nice scenery and clean the air | Source

Will we able to save trees for a long time? I am sure you must have thought for a while after reading this question. In today’s world of development where all of us are busy with our jobs, we are not much concerned about it. We don’t think about it assuming there are many trees and forest belts on this earth. Basically trees are the purifiers of the environment and support life. But their rate of purification is going down everyday because of too much of air pollution.

Air pollution can be caused by nature and humans. Natural air pollutions, such as fumes from fires in forest and erupting volcanoes, are very rare. Major part of the air pollution is attributed to human activities. Industrialization has been of great rampage to natural ecosystems. Trees are cut for land for industries and then these industries release pollutants in the atmosphere that lacks trees or has fewer trees. Another factor that tremendously impacts natural vegetation is the pollution caused by the vehicles, such as cars, buses, bikes etc. Just think about the thankless trees that make life possible for humans on the earth are being suffocated by the air pollution done by humans. A plant takes years to become a tree but is cut because of human selfishness under the disguise of prosperity and development. Put it differently a tree is cut for short-term gains but long-term pains.

Today the reduced numbers of the trees have created additional pressure on the remaining trees. No matter how much we say go green go green, but it does matter for this how much we are keen. Recycling is the only need of the hour because if we cannot prevent the suffocation of trees, one day the entire life on the planet earth will finish because of suffocation that will be caused by emission of lethal exhaust from the industries and vehicles.

Industries should maintain greenery around its location as much as possible to save the environment from being polluted by toxic fumes and wastes.
Industries should maintain greenery around its location as much as possible to save the environment from being polluted by toxic fumes and wastes. | Source

The keen on green approach is not about the planting the trees or doing demonstrations against the contamination by the industries. It is just an approach to be followed in our daily lives to save our trees and environment. Here are the few suggestions to this approach. We can use public transport rather than having private transport as it will help us save money and will add to the keen on green approach. But that does not mean that you should not own a private vehicle but commuting to office can be done on the public transport. Industries should try to avoid dangerous emission. These industries should have specialized plants that can remove the toxicity of the emission by diluting the dangerous pollutant. Most importantly save papers as many trees are cut for making trees. In case you have a dire requirement of using paper, use the recycled paper. You can suggest me more on this if i have missed some measures.

I am not an environmentalist who can ask you to follow all these measures to save trees but I can give a suggestion and do my own bit to save our suffocating trees. I used HP as it is a very big platform and has so many readers. If every reader can spread this information to his friends, followers, and relatives, then every bit towards environment can accumulate and make the environment better. By doing so, most importantly we are saving ourselves from being suffocated in future and can pass the natural legacy---trees---to our future generations.

Will you be the part of this keen on green approach and will spread the awareness among your friends and relatives?

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