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How to Prevent Depression and Suicide, and How to Save a Soul

Updated on April 26, 2017

Depression and suicide

The world has advanced so much with its technology, comfort zone etc but what about the mental and physical well being of the humans that live on the same planet? The biggest issue that's being faced now is nothing but the mental health crisis that has affected the younger generations. But it's just not depression that's creating this problem but the fact that half of that population are getting consumed by depression. And when I say consumed, I definitely mean the depression that leads to SUICIDE.

Are you someone who is going through depression?

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Causes of depression

Depression can be caused due to many reasons:

  • Joint to Nuclear Family - One reason why it is affecting our generation more than the older ones is that previously there were joint families instead of nuclear families and every member in a family shared everything and solved all their problems together. But now, as the number of members in a family decreased so has their mental health and their ability to cope with problems.
  • Fear of being JUDGED - Another reason why people fall into depression is due to the fear of being judged by the society. Everyone is scared of what others might think about their way of living, their ideas, their profession, of who they are etc. This creates a translucent boundary between the person and the society causing them to keep what they are to themselves.
  • Relationships - Relationships can cause depression , be it towards a human or a thing. When a person gets overly attached or possessive about another person from the same or opposite gender even a small action of betrayal or lack of attention can lead the person into depression. Addiction can be another word for relationship towards things. The things people start out on a fun note can sometimes cross the limits forcing the person into a situation where he/she is unable to lead a life without it. Again leading to depression.
  • Unnecessary sharing of information - Sometimes people get attached to others and share information more than what is necessary. Later in life if there's any kind of misunderstanding the person wont be able to break off the relation as he/she might feel insecure.

From what I see, depression is something that cannot be prevented. Everyone experiences it at some point in their life. But there's one thing that definitely can be prevented - getting consumed by depression. Yes, suicide can be prevented.

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Can you prevent suicides from happening?

Suicide is a decision a person makes when he/she feels like there is no-one out there who understands them nor can help them out. What one must do when they go through depression is go through these steps, see if you can find solace in any.

  1. Have faith in a faith - Having faith in God Almighty can give a person the will to live and fight against anything that comes their way. The feeling that there's some entity out there that can possibly help you out can give you HOPE. Yes, hope is what is needed to survive depression.
  2. Trust you parents or a parent-like figure - They are the only people who has been there with you the whole life. Even though they might get angry in the beginning, they are going to be there to support you what so ever the issue you are going through.Trust me when I say this, they are worth melting for.
  3. Be with the society - Go out and meet people. Be a part of the society, engage in activities and let go of your inhibitions. Because only when you meet people will you know that there are others out there with similar problems. You'll be able to finally find a solution to that problem that was haunting you your whole life.
  4. Keep everyone at arms distance - Make sure you never let anyone in on any information that can possibly be used against you. Keep everyone at a distance where you are never ever forced to do anything.

Tried all of this? Still feeling the need to give up on life?

Well, imagine that you decided to give up on life. You get that feeling that nobody understands you and that there is no reason for you to live. You write that note, take those sleeping pills and sleep for the last time. Have you ever wondered what will possibly happen once you are gone? About your parents, your siblings, best friends, friends, teachers or your lover?

Because once you are gone, so are they. You take their souls along with yours. They are the ones who have to deal with your loss, the ones who has to undergo the torture, the pain that you left them with. They are going to lose their mental health just because you were not able to deal with yours. You are just murdering many other - not just taking your own life.

Is that what you want? I am sure that's not the result you expected when you decided to give up on life.

Suicide is not the answer

Suicide is never an option given to you. It's just a decision one takes when they are not ready to explore the different options they have. A permanent solution to a temporary problem - as they say.

"When one door closes, many others open." There are always million options to choose from, but the only thing is to keep your hopes high and keep searching. There may not be an answer to all questions but there's always a solution to every problem. All you have to do is find it, search until you do. Because, trust me, suicide is one decision that you'll never live to regret.

Live - Why be a full stop when you can be a semicolon? :)

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