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Sultan Ayubi and the art of leadership

Updated on March 15, 2015
Salahudin Ayubi, a Muslim military and political leader known as a Sultan in Muslim empire. He was the leader who led the Muslim forces during the time of crusades. He was born to a Kurdish military family in 1138 AD. He was a subordinate to the military leader of that time Nur-ud-din Zangi. He belonged to a Sunni sect. Saladin became the head of the Muslim military in 1169. Sultan Saladin Ayubi was the founder of Ayyubid dynasty. He is known to be the first Sultan meaning leader in Arabic of the Muslim world. At the peak of his reign his empire stretched from Egypt including Syria, Yemen, Hijaz and some parts of Northern Africa.

After the death of Nur-ud-din in 1174 AD, he himself established the Muslim armies, strengthened them and led the attack himself on Syria. Under Saladin’s command his armies defeated the Crusaders in the historic and decisive battle of Hattin in 1187 and that paved the way for the Muslim armies to sneak into Palestine and recapture it from the Christians who had captured the land about a century ago.

By the time Saladin had become a prominent and a significant leader among the Muslims. During the time of the third crusade Saladin had to face tough challenge from the English military leader Richard 1 who was known as Lion Heart because of his sheer bravery and talent on the battlefield. However negotiations played their part and Saladin was able to retain the throne of Jerusalem.

However both Saladin and Lion Heart Richard never met each other the communication between both of them was written or through messenger. They both spoke highly of each other’s war abilities and military mindset. Despite their revelry they respected each other, when Lion Heart lost his horse in the battle Saladin sent 2 of his own horses as a gift. Lion Heart proposed that her sister, the queen of Sicily should marry Saladin’s brother.

On March 4th 1193 in Damascus, Sultan of Egypt died of a fever. The property of Muslim Sultan was one coin of gold and forty coins of silver. He was buried in Damascus the capital of Syria. Saladin was given a title of chivalrous Knight by Europeans due to his massive reputation. It is said when the British Commander Edmund Allenby captured Damascus from the Turks at the end of WW1 he raised his sword in the honor of the Sultan of Egypt Saladin Ayubi by saying “Today we have completed the crusaders war”.

Saladin was known for his generosity and kindness. He was a religious and a pious man. The legacy of Saladin Ayubi lives even today. With the conflict of Israel and Palestine, Saladin’s leadership and his sheer determination are highly admired.


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    • Ali Sulehria profile imageAUTHOR

      Ali Sulehria 

      3 years ago from RawalPindi Pakistan

      @Ali khan Allenby raised his sword in salute to the famous statue of Saladin and proudly declared, "Today the wars of the Crusaders are completed." This quotation was incorrectly attributed to Allenby, and throughout his life he vehemently protested against his conquest of Palestine in 1917 having been called a "Crusade." In 1933 Allenby reiterated this stance by saying: "The importance of Jerusalem lay in its strategic importance, there was no religious impulse in this campaign.

    • alikhan3 profile image


      3 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      "Today we have completed the crusaders war" doesn't seem to honor Saladin ....


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