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Summer Rain

Updated on August 14, 2009

As much as some of us may dislike summer rain, there is something to be said for rich green grass and green rolling countryside.  Rain can not only put a damper on our outdoor activities, but our spirits as well.  A lot of people feel depressed when it is overcast, cloudy and rainy out. Really, there is nothing to be depressed about.  Rain, as we will discuss, is a good thing.  There is much to be thankful for when it is raining out.  Sure, most of us like to spend time outside during the summer and enjoy the greenery around us.  A little summer rain isn't much to put up with in exchange for wonderful green grass.  The only way we get green landscape is by either watering our lawns from a hose or by the natural rain from the sky.  It is much preferable to have our green grass watered from the sky.  Otherwise, we are wasting good water from the hose.  Wasting water is not good and there is only so much of it to go around.  Rain water is the best because it is free!

Not only does summer rain make our grass greener, more lush and healthy looking, but it is a great help to our gardens.  Farmers pray for rain to help their crops grow.  Gardens need water to survive and to flourish.  The only way to get the fruits and vegetables to grow is to water them.  Rain water is the most economical and easiest way to water crops.

Who doesn't like the sound of rain coming down?  When you are comfortable and dry inside your home, there is something soothing about the sound it makes on the roof.  It may seem strange to say, but the sound of rain coming down when you are tenting and safe and snug inside is a delightful music!  Have you ever been outside when it is raining?  Sure you have.  A summer rain has the most pleasant smell.  Go out there and just stand under the rain.  Don't bring an umbrella.  Just let is fall on you.  It is like being under a shower.  As children, we used to run around outdoors with our swimsuits on when it was raining. Laughing and splashing in the puddles.  It was great fun.  Give it a try sometime.

This summer rain has been quite prevalent.  Some may say it is due to global warming, but really we have no promises with weather.  Meteorologists predict the type of weather we should get based on studying past weather patterns for a particular area, plus on the movements of weather across geographical areas.  The seasons are quite predictable generally speaking.  We know that spring brings rain and mild temperatures, summer brings sun, fall brings cooler temperatures and winter brings snow and cold temperatures.  
Summer rain is not unheard of.  We may notice it more this year than during past seasons since it has been falling for a consecutive number of a row.  We always should expect to receive rain.  Every season does have rain.  Perhaps we are feeling spring a little later this year.  
Regardless of the reasons for summer rain, we should be happy to have the summer temperatures and the benefits that rain provides for our environment.  Rain is something we cannot live without.  We depend on it for our survival.


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