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Summer college classes

Updated on May 29, 2011

Student studying

Challenging at best

Summer college courses can really be a tough call, especially if you are taking more than 1 or 2 classes.  So how would you prepare yourself for the classes in advance and while you are enrolled?  Here are some tips that might help you get through the summer session (s):

1. Sleep at a decent time every night.  More often stress is caused by a lack of sleep or lack of a proper sleep.  Getting enough rest can help.

2. If you know what classes you are taking in the summer, start preparing yourself for them. Get the book from the library and go over it if the book is not available in the bookstore.  If it is, buy a copy and start studying. You can also start taking some general notes.

3. When you are enrolled in the classes, find a study buddy. More often than not, discussion with peers has helped to understand the material better.  Turns out you could probably make some new friends that way too!

4. If you work better by yourself, make sure you ask your professor questions to help yourself understand the material.

5. Eat well. I have seen many people starve themselves or not eat properly during the summer sessions at college.  They end up getting sick or just feeling poorly all the time.  Make sure you have a variety of foods to help your body fight off stress and keep your brain sharp.

6. Study.  Yes, I know. It sounds like bad advice, but trust me. If you just go to class and don't study afterwards, you will suffer in your exams.  Take some time to read the material before you go to class so that you can ask questions during or after the class.  Then go home and study what the teacher taught you.  It helps you remember better this way.

Good luck to you, whatever your major is and wherever you are going to school.  I am sure that if you are determined enough to reach your goals, you will.  You just have to put some effort into it.


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