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Summer in all its Glory and Beauty

Updated on May 11, 2017
Summer's Beauty and Glory
Summer's Beauty and Glory

Summer in all its Glory and Beauty

As I sit outside contemplating what to write for the day there are limitless ideas going through my head because that is how my brain works, There is one thought that sticks out, Why is summer so beautiful and glorious? and why does it feel limitless? The colors are a big thing that makes summer beautiful don’t you agree? The silence outside can even make summer beautiful. Being left alone with your thoughts is sometimes nice. Seeing the colors, and being left alone with your thoughts can make anyone happy. In the summer don’t you feel as though you are waking up?

It is so relaxing in the summer that we get to stop and see the beauty of it. Everyone has heard the expression “Stop and smell the roses” haven’t they? Well, that is what summer is or at least that is what it should be. Summer is a time for laughter, friendship and hanging out outside. I am even writing this outside soaking up the sun and heat. As the words and ideas flow I feel that summer is glorious and beautiful. Writing outdoors opens your mind and clears it of the cobwebs that implant themselves over the winter. In my opinion, it is a sign of new life and everyone loves that don’t they? I have been outside for almost two hours and I love it. Seeing so much beauty makes me happy as it would anyone don’t you think?

Summer in all its glory and beauty means adventure, so if you have kids and are looking for something to do why not take them on a hike or nature walk, it is fun and could be a good learning experience. You also get them away from the video games and television what parents doesn’t like that? Although summer is not just to keep the kids active it’s to get the parents active along with everyone else. Spending time together is a good thing, and what better place to do it in the summer then outdoors. Spending time outdoors will not only benefit your mind and body it will give you a different type of experience, not one you can get from being indoors.

Summer is a time to, be outside enjoying the heat and the different things that summer has to offer. Like fishing or a hike and nature walk that I have mentioned already. The point of summer and all its beauty is to keep you active and seeing the things that you wouldn’t normally. Summer is for you to enjoy the beauty of what is around you, like the birds, other animals, and flowers, ponds, beaches, trees and pools. Those types of things, and if you stay indoors all the time you don’t get to enjoy these things. Even sitting outside listening to the sounds around you can be something you have never experienced before and you if you are looking for something new to do in the summer why not try that.

Summer in all its glory and beauty can help you clear your head, and that is good if you are the type of person whose brain is always in overdrive. Nobody likes a brain that won’t shut off do they? I don’t think so. I let my mind go when I am outside because I am just taking in the beauty of the outdoors and I think that is why I am a lot calmer than I have been in the past. Do you think summer in all its glory helps people stay calm? It depends on the person and what they like to do to keep themselves in a good mood. Summer glory is a time for smiles and laughter so smile a lot and laugh often it might surprise you. Summer feels limitless because of how happy it makes people when they are outside in the summer doing the things that summer offers, including gardening going to beaches that sort of thing even swimming in your own pool if you have one.

The Glory of Summer

The limitless things that summer offers that are glorious and beautiful make us think of what? they make us think of being happy and free because of how nice it outside in the summer doesn't it? That is what I think since that is what I associate summer with just to get me in a happy mood. Summer bring about limitless happiness because that is when all the flowers and butterflies come out which are glorious to watch and their colors are soo glorious that we can't stop watching them fly around.

How beautiful the outdoors is in the summer makes you feel as though limitless things are possible in your life, doesn't it? It makes me feel as though anything can be possible, seeing a pretty bird that has just flown by, because if they can be that pretty and everything around me can be so pretty I can make my life like that with limitless amounts of work but it will happen if I start, that is, and I realize this the most in the summer months which makes summer the most beautiful and glorious time of year for me.

It brings a sign of new life and happiness with all the colors and chirping birds that are around. Summer always makes me think happy thoughts because not only are the colors beautiful I can tan limitlessly and get what I like to call limitlessly brown and I love it. I feel so refreshed with a summer tan which is another thing that I feel makes summer glorious.

It makes people feel limitlessly free and fresh because of its beauty and how nice it is outside in the sun. Summer feels limitless because it's so bright that nobody wants to stay inside and miss out on the brightness of it and with going outside in the brightness of summer they notice the beauty of it with everything that it has to offer. Summer makes people limitlessly happy which is another reason it is glorious if you like summer as much as I do you will probably think the same thing.

Summer is limitlessly relaxing when you sit outside and look at all the beautiful things that are around you. Have you ever sat outside in the summer and looked around at everything around you? If you have I am sure you have noticed this if you haven't maybe it is time you should the summer's beauty can bring about limitless possiblities of summer fun that you can have.

Beauty of Summer

Summer is so beautiful because it is bright and warm. There are limitless amounts of colors out in the summer months that make it beautiful and it stays that way for at least two months or more. Which is great don't you think? You get to spend a lot of time outdoors doing outdoor things in the summer which is another reason it is beautiful in my opinion.

What do you think of Summer's Glory and Beauty? Let's Discuss

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    • florypaula profile image

      Paula 2 years ago

      I love summer as well. I think this is the best season ever. You can enjoy nature, the sun, warm weather, easy clothes and so on. I just find it amazing.

      Have a nice day :)