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Superstition-The fastest path leading to the blind

Updated on April 16, 2016

Trust in the right way!

Having the belief to help people toward goodness, boldly do things beneficial to individual and society, human beings. There are beliefs cause confusion, guilt, misfortune on the people who carry belief that they do not know, or misfortune to many people, it makes people devour each other, lose themselves, dependent on mystical, utopian.

The origin and nature

Superstition born and accumulate from the ignorance of the people in the age where science has not been formed and developed.

Natural instincts and the need to survive. man must motivate them to find an interpretation "satisfactory" for themselves about the phenomenon occurs around them. Why, when they hunt many wild animals, when they do not? Why this year's crop of fruit inferior to previous years? Why is the computer in your office damaged when you wear black clothes to work?

The fear of nature phenomenon and "supernatural" is still strongly impacts in the minds of people nowadays. Those with more dangerous occupations, more precarious and depending on nature usually more superstitious effect the style of their daily lives. When a child is born, in his mind is not available a bit superstitious at all. But growing up, children gradually learned the actions, reactions, ways of thinking through social and family. The vast majority of the superstitious practices of the family will be transmitted by the family of the children in the future, add (or subtract) some other superstition that these children collect from friends, relatives around.

A child with innocence.
A child with innocence.

the harmful effects of superstition

Superstition has a negative impact on a young division, distorting their perception, which lead to mistakes in the choice of direction. Because of not grasping the nature and process of mobilizing all of life, so they have a passive lifestyle, dependence. Instead of relying on their own efforts, they looked forward to the metaphysical forces are the gods to hopefully get a good result, a brilliant future.

These moves make sense that autonomy and striving spirit, creativily destroyed; learning outcomes, labor seriously diminished. Not beg, they became disillusioned by the serious consequences to themselves. They have not explained well by the scientific arguments, which insists poured for the chance of fate, luck ... The mood of boredom, frustration easily push them to social evils such as gambling, alcohol tea, addictions ... Out of this vicious cycle to another vicious cycle. They began to blame the gods, parents and those around them. They look at life with the eyes of the negative and always lamented that fate so unfair to them so much. There is a profound teaching, at the point of the ancients, they did not know: Fairy charge century, the post's responsibilities.

Do you believe that gods would bring luck and success to us?

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