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Effective Discipline in the classroom

Updated on June 12, 2015

Some tips for teachers to implement effective discipline

These are the things to do when disciplining the students. Most of the teachers are not aware of these three tips in the discipline of the children. Hope these are going to be helpful for the teachers out there. There are 3 simple but helpful tips.

· Discipline should be meaningful, sympathetic, and humane to become effective and constructive. The teachers should know that students’ rights should be respected. He should be friendly, humane and sympathetic in dealing with pupils even when they misbehaved. Understanding the nature of the child should endeavour to see things from the child’s point of view. Please do not treat pupils like criminals. A humane teacher will never embarrass a pupil especially in front of the whole class; instead he will give him the benefit of the doubt.

· Discipline, to be effective, should be based on the doctrine democracy. Here in the Philippines, the schools are charged with the responsibility to produce effective and democratic citizens because our country is a democratic country. Many have mistaken ideas regarding individual freedom in a democracy. According to the principles and methods of teaching, freedom in a democracy means freedom with restraint. Restraint without freedom is tyranny; freedom without restraint is anarchy.

· Discipline should be based on the concept of equality. It is often misunderstood in the class and became the cause of misbehaviour. They misbehave because they believe that an act of injustice has been committed against them. So, teachers out there, you should be aware of individual differences and that you should give each pupil an equal share of your attention, guidance and direction. Equality means providing each individual the same opportunity to develop his potential and to allow him to contribute himself to our society. As we know, each individual has his own strengths, abilities and potentialities. As a matter of fact, no two individuals are exactly the same. Even the identical twins are not exactly alike. So, they should be made to see that individual differences exist.

What are you waiting for? Start to apply these tips now to avoid jealousy inside your own class. Act now! I hope these can help even a little to everyone. Good luck…


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