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Surviving Freshman Year in College

Updated on June 22, 2013

Make the Most of Campus Life

Leaving home , possibly for the first time, is a big life adjustment for young adults starting college. Statistics show that half of all college freshmen drop out of school before graduation, and one out in four will drop out their second year. College gives each student a clean, fresh start, no matter what their previous academic history

Get familiar with your college's campus, attending as many orientations as possible. Stress is reduced a great deal by just being able to get around campus without getting lost.

Meeting your roommate and the other students on your dormitory hall is a big event and can be extremely difficult for someone with a shy personality. These people will be around for the next four years and will be like a family, this will include all of the ups and downs as well. They also understand being homesick and the anxiety that you are experiencing because they are going through it too.

A Different World

College is a totally different experience from high school. Professors expect students to be responsible adults. The days of teachers leading you through the expectations for your homework assignments are gone. Professors will not remind students about assignments and when they are due, they must be remembered and done .

Professors and academic advisors are people to get familiar with, professors are usually very willing to meet with students to help them with any problems during the semester. Academic advisors assist with decisions regarding what classes to take, and career path decisions.

Friends can help make the transition into college life easier, so don't be afraid to make friends, after all they are going through the same adjustments as college freshmen themselves.

Activities and clubs, sororities, or fraternities on campus can be enjoyable as long as they don't interfere with academic performance. The most important aspect of college is keeping up the grades, and it is to hard to recover if your grades are below average. Stay on campus as much as possible and get familiar with your new surroundings.

College is a drastic change for first year students, who will be expected to act like adults, and the beginning of life as an adult . Decisions made could be life changing. Make time for yourself, show family, friends, but most importantly yourself, just what you can achieve. 


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    • ballfan92 profile image

      ballfan92 6 years ago

      Nice hub, just wrote one about my own experiences as I'm currently a freshman at Penn State.

    • Jaeyda profile image

      Jaeyda 7 years ago

      This is a great hub, I wish I had known these things before I started college. I definitely agree that it's really difficult to adjust to the fact that nobody is telling you what to do anymore. I learned the hard way that I was the only one who could "make" me do my school work!