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Survive disaster

Updated on July 15, 2017
em_saenz profile image

Em is a traveller, usually travelling on a shoestring, She has been exposed to many catastrophes! She also likes to do mental exploration.

Forest fire
Forest fire | Source
Flood | Source

A tip for every disaster.

There are so many situations in which we may find ourselves in survival mode. It is advisable to keep a kit ready for emergencies at all times, but different survival challenges can require different preparations. Sometimes all we need to survive is to remember a tip somebody gave us a long time ago, that we thought we would never use!

Fire: I have never tried this!

Apparently if there is no other way to escape a forest fire, you can save your life by lying down flat in the path of the flames. The flames may then pass over you, leaving you alive.


If you have time, photograph your possessions before you leave your house. Your photographic record will be invaluable if you have to make a claim for damaged goods at a later stage.


You should obviously dress appropriately for cold weather, but it is also important to be able to recognise the signs of hypothermia in yourself and other people. Hypothermia is an insidious and lethal condition. A person suffering from hypothermia may actually start removing their clothes and complaining of heat. They may start to ramble and show disordered speech patterns. Hypothermia has three very specific causes and all three must be present to make a diagnosis of hypothermia.

  1. The person must be cold
  2. The person must be tired
  3. The person must be wet.

If the three above circumstances are not present, the person does not have hypothermia. If you decide that a person is too cold or is hypothermic, do not try to warm them with a heater or any form of direct heat. Transfer your own body warmth to theirs by touching them with your body.


Hot water bottles can be filled with cold water instead of hot. The water inside will gradually reach body temperature. You can save fuel by using this water when you need to heat water.


When planning for disaster, people always focus on stockpiling food, but, as it happens, food shortage may be the least of your problems in such a situation. Most people are able to survive without food for up to forty days. You may wish to try fasting, to familiarise yourself with ways of coping with hunger pangs.


on the other hand, can kill you in a matter of hours, so your efforts should be focussed on making sure you have access to adequate water supplies. If you stockpile food, bear in mind that many commercially available emergency rations consist of dehydrated foods which you will have to deplete your water supply in order to reconstitute. When choosing which foods to hoard, bear in mind that beans and pulses, which keep for a long time, have the disadvantage that they require not only large amounts of water, but also long cooking, using up fuel.

Financial collapse

A lot has been written on how to manage personal finances, but if you feel that only a miracle can help you now. Try the Blessed Bucks Money Spell. We are probably looking here, at a form of talismanic magic.

Diagnosis of serious illness

You will be under medical supervision. Ask your doctor about aspirin. It is already believed that taking an aspirin daily is helpful in cases of heart disease. Experts now also say that the same practice will have beneficial effects on cancer sufferers.

Multiple emergencies

Power outage

There are many situations which include a power outage among the effects they have, or the power outage itself may be the emergency. Always have a micro torch ready to hand and know how to see in the dark. For this, it is essential to relax the eyes. Do not try to see anything in the dark by looking at it directly. Use your peripheral vision in order to make out the shape of objects in the gloom.

Electronic harassment

Again, you may have this problem as part of a package of tribulations, or you may be dealing with it on its own.

Sufferers from electronic harassment may, from time to time, experience excruciating pain in one of their limbs. It is natural to do what you can to alleviate the pain you feel in your leg or your arm, but, in fact, the pain is created by remotely stimulating the pain centres in your brain. Therefore you will have more success if you concentrate on protecting your head. Cover it with a heavy blanket or damp towel.

This process is also a useful test if you do not know whether you are being electronically harassed. If the pain in your leg is alleviated by protecting your head, it is a fair bet that you are experiencing harassment rather than rheumatism.


Black plastic refuse sacks

These things are useful in just about any emergency. The only thing you can't do with them is eat them. But you can certainly use them to make a tablecloth.

Other uses include:

  • You can wear them
  • Make curtains with them
  • Make a temporary shelter
  • For cases of water shortage, in this article you will find a way to use them to have a cheap, simple and efficient bath, using minimum water.
  • Make a rucksack or suitcase
  • Make a rope
  • Tie the necks of other bags and sacks
  • Your imagination is the limit.

Survival Kits

There are literally hundreds of survival kits and tools on the market. In my opinion, the best survival kit is the one you make yourself, because that is the one that will contain the useful stuff you have gathered over time to suit your own particular requirements. so do get a proprietary kit, but use it as a stopgap and template until you have put together your very own emergency bugout box.

And finally


Remember zombies are people too. They have had a very tough life. Be nice to them.


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    • tlpoague profile image

      Tammy 5 years ago from USA

      Great tips you have here. I have often used the black bag when camping for most of my needs. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • em_saenz profile image

      em_saenz 5 years ago from Europe

      Black bags are the way I can claim to address every emergency. I am practising zigzag running in case a gunman ever has me in his sights

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 4 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Wow, I just learned something new today from this hub. Although, I had my survival training , I never knew about the fire-that's interesting. And, the electronic harassment, I'd admit I've to read that part again; not sure I completely get it but if I understood it right, you're talking about computer usage or TV exhaustion, eh? I find that witty, anyway.

      Great read, useful tips. Up and sharing.

      P.S. I'm not worried about Zombie invasion. I'm a zombie myself! (:

    • em_saenz profile image

      em_saenz 4 years ago from Europe

      Although the term electronic harassment has been used as you decribe, it is now more usually a term to describe a secret torture method that affects millions of people around the world. I write about electronic harassment here

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