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Swami Beyondananda explains being struck by Lightning!

Updated on January 6, 2008

Struck by Lightning

I try not to dwell on this subject very much, but a little over a year ago while at work I was so close to a lightning strike that it stopped my heart. One of my co-workers who is 240lbs was tosed in the air from the violent explosion as it struck. Getting this close to lightning can have varied effects on humans for sure. I seemed to be affected in a number of ways, it was like getting your bell rung in football I was told. I lost 30 lbs or so my body would not accept the food I was eating. I wqasnt over weight so 30 lbs was alot for me to lose. At first I did not reconize my wife of 20+ years nor my daughter. Dont know how I got home really, kind of by intution I suppose. I just kind of played along with everything.

My wife didnt know what I was going through really. I didnt tell her until recently that she didnt look familar to be after I got zapped. What was I supposed to say Ahh Who the hell are you? It was ovious that we were to gether by the pictures around the house. But I still didnt reconize her for weeks.

Yes weird I know but true. I tryed to maintain my life but they dismissed me from work Duh!!! I wonder why! I havent been drunk in 30 years but after I was zapped it was like the worst hangover you have ever had! Oh and it lasted for 6-8 months. I pretty much thought I was dieing, Doctors wanted to drug me up . No thank you ! Itryed everything to get better but no drugs.

After almost a year I watched The secret and decided I had enough of feeling sick everyday. So I decided that I would not be ill any more and I gained my weight back in a few month and most of the time I feel semi-normal. If there is such a thing ;-)

There are volumes to this story, Lots of personal stuff. I had to go to Costa Rica when I was ill. Being a surfer I had always wanted to go to Costa. Long waves, warm uncrowded beaches etc. I learned so much about myself in Costa. There were times I didnt know what country I was in. Techincal term is probably TIA (tranient iscemic attacks).

One of the best surfing days of my life was in Costa. I was so sick I could barley make it to the beach. The locals said that this swell was the biggest they had seen all year. The Lifeguards told me in Spanish Grampa no waves for you today. We cany make it out there to save you when you mess up. I said it really didnt matter if I was going to go I would rather go while surfing ;-)

Anyways as I ramble on I surfed that day. I learned I could over come the bodies desire to be ill. I learned that the deep desire in me to live, love and be free was stronger than the after math of a lightning zap.

I learned that we all have the choice to live or die everyday.

Of course I often wonder why this has happened, My friend sent me a kewl video about the reason that this happened to me.

I was unable to but it on my hub but I have it on my

Effortlesswealth Blog

I dont really sell anything on that blog or ask you to enroll in anything. Although it has adsense ads. If you click on the Articles link you will see that I also have links to many hub articles and profiles on my site. Its one of my experiments with wordpress blogs. I hope you enjoy the little video. Thank you for stopping by!

Lightning Up Close


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  • Rudra profile image


    11 years ago

    Swami Beyondananda, this is really funny. Those lightening pics are scary. Wont like to be caught in one of those.

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    I hope you have recovered completely.'No Drugs' was a good decision.But the title of the hub is mind boggling.Great !and wishing you and your family perfect health forever.


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