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Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Updated on December 5, 2019
Maya Laurel profile image

I advocate for human and civil rights. I hope to make the world a better place for those in need, one day at a time.

Innocent Children In Refugee Camps

Some of the children who fled Syria and sought refuge in Turkey.
Some of the children who fled Syria and sought refuge in Turkey. | Source


Some, if not most, may be aware of the refugee statistics in Turkey and the toll it has taken on the country’s resources. We do not know who will read this cry for help; neither do we know how far the message will spread. We do not know how well the facts of the case will be received in different parts of the world but if you are reading this now, we can only hope that you find it your hearts to extend a helping hand, as the year draws to close this winter.

As of June 2019, there are over 3.6 million refugees fostered in these camps. ( More than 500 000 of them are spread in Istanbul alone. The rate at which foreigners have taken refuge in Turkey over the last five years is astounding. These statistics have taken a toll on the Turkish government;s resources (which already isn't receiving the aid it requires to assist the refugees). This has resulted in their failure to provide adequate housing, food and clothing for all the people in the camps, thereby voicing the need for external help.

Syrians fleeing their country, in search of a better life in Turkey
Syrians fleeing their country, in search of a better life in Turkey | Source

Living Conditions

The living conditions in these clusters poses a threat to the lives of its residents as people are starving, children and the elderly are malnourished, increasingly poor sanitation within the camps, shortened life spans and deteriorating health from inadequate medical care facilities and poor sanitation. As we move deeper into the winter, temperatures are already dropping to as low as 2 degrees Celsius in certain regions of Turkey including Istanbul and are still expected to fall into the minus range as the cold season unfolds.

The unimaginable living conditions that refugees are subjected to
The unimaginable living conditions that refugees are subjected to | Source

Most of the refugees require suitable clothing, bedding and heat generating facilities to see them through the winter. Research shows that there are barely enough schools to accommodate both Turkish and refugee children and without doubt, a refugee with an incomplete education status has very little to no chances of securing a job good enough to sustain themselves and their families.

These refugees are people deserving of a life better than what they have been subjected to. They have no access to basic necessities and though some people in this world are doing their part to help them, the aid is still inadequate. This is therefore a call to you dear readers, to help these refugees with the little that you can. Help bring some light in these festive holidays and let them know that the world wants better for them and is doing something about it.

Unbearable living conditions faced in refugee camps
Unbearable living conditions faced in refugee camps | Source

Festive Season Aim

To say we have a concrete plan laid out to feed, clothe and provide necessities for over half a million refugees in Turkey would be a great lie. To make claims that we understand every refugee’s challenges in getting through the day in these camps would be a lie too. To disregard the efforts of other counterparts who have devoted time and resources to support these refugees would also be unjust and inhumane. The only truth is that refugee lives are still lives; at the end of it all and it is our duty as able-bodied and more privileged individuals to come together and bring light, warmth and most importantly HOPE to the disadvantaged living in these absurd camps by reaching out with gifts consisting of some basics needed in these camps.

In December, we intend to bring gifts such as winter-suitable clothes and shoes, food and drinking water, baby food, blankets and sanitary pads (for the girls and women) to the refugees in Istanbul. It is not difficult to identify them as they are often in the streets, begging in train stations or walking about in an evident cloud of hopelessness.

Later in December and part of January, we hope to spend a few weeks in Izmir volunteering at refugee camps, spending time with the victims and doing our best to let them know that the world cares and have done something about the devastating situation they are facing. Carrying similar gifts to these camps with over 3,600 000 refugees would be a beautiful and humane thing to do. We are certain that these random acts of kindness will bring them joy and cater for some of their winter needs.

The children find joy in kind gestures and deserve to find more hope in humanity this winter and festive season.
The children find joy in kind gestures and deserve to find more hope in humanity this winter and festive season. | Source


We cannot accomplish this initiative on our own and are therefore appealing to you to stretch your hands and bring light and hope to our Syrian brothers and sisters who are in desperate need of our help, by donating however much you can. Kindly take time to donate and share the link for this fundraiser with your friends and family. We believe the power of the masses in crowdfunding will help us reach our goal and improve the lives of some refugees.

Lend a helping hand this festive season. Your act of kindness will make someone's day and improve their life.
Lend a helping hand this festive season. Your act of kindness will make someone's day and improve their life. | Source

Thank you for your kindness and may you be rewarded!

Who are we?

I'm Maya, here on behalf of my community.

We are a group of members in the community of Istanbul, brought together by our shared desire of helping those in need. Having seen the alarming numbers of Syrian refugees in camps, deprived of basic human needs and access to an education, pregnant women giving birth in undesirable conditions and parents raising children who are growing up to face extremely limited opportunities to a future that they desire.

Many refugees in the camps and those who left the camps are sadly illiterate and unemployable, therefore homeless and starving in Turkey. We come across children barely 5 years of age, unaccompanied by adults, begging for food or money for bread, everyday in Istanbul. This is the sad reality of many refugees and their families here in Turkey.

Knowing we have the access to reach out to thousands of people on the internet and in our communities, we decided to embark on this initiative to help refugees and do our best to assist them through the winter (with your help, of course), as the weather will become brutal from here on.


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