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Twists and Turns in Life: A Prelude to the Next Phase of Our Existence

Updated on June 25, 2013


This hub is dedicated to my husband on his birthday when he said on his email to me the following “I have no other place to go. I cannot move in on my brother and will not move in on my Mother, if things were to completely fall apart.”

In my research, some writers in astrology, fortune-telling and the likes say that there are basically nine major cycles in our existence; some would say there are three major divisions or levels in life’s journey. Psychology would be concerned about Growth and Development and the factors in nature and nurture affecting or influencing the processes of human development.

Whatever, I am only concerned or I keep myself aware and assertive in my day to day living and how things happened and what followed or would follow next based on what I previously or presently thought, desired, and was doing in any phase of my life.

In the hindsight, I had collected all the twists and turns that abruptly took me to a completely different life situation. Sometimes the twist was a (seeming) tragic downfall from my higher present status at the moment and sometimes it is a catapult to a glorious situation that was beyond my expectations.

Two true to life stories to prove my point:

1. A downfall

2. A catapult

1.A downfall twist;

My Husband Adrian’s Illness Leading to His Death

That morning of January 1999 I woke up to the crashing sound downstairs to find my husband sprawled on the floor breathless and dipped in his dirt.

I was just promoted as the first Chair (Dean) in the BSBA Department in SPCC at that time.

Naturally I took him to the hospital where I found the grievousness of his condition. That was the beginning of my travails in caregiving him until I found myself out of job and became a plain care-giver to a very sick husband, a plain and anxious housemaid or housekeeper in the next four years till his demise.

2.A Catapult Turn:

Living a Millionaire’s Life for a Year

My husband had been dead for a year and I was still sulking and grieving my life away in the corner of my room.

While in this situation, the wife of the billionaire Mr. Haynes was introduced to me by my then daughter-in-law; Josephine (Mrs. Haynes) came to see me one day. She was a graduating student of BS Psychology in one of the prestigious Colleges in Manila. I had no idea at the time about her status in life; all I knew was that she was a student in need for a private mentor or tutor.

Josephine had to come to me at least five times within a three-month period before I succumb to her invitation.

Little did I know, or nothing at all that she would accommodate me in a three-bedroom luxury place in an expensive towering condominiums in Manila, plus an automatic RAV4 car with a driver and a housemaid in all my one year stay in that condominium; and not to mention the salary she paid me that was double the amount of my regular salary if I worked in my SPCC having the position of a Dean.

These are just two examples of the twists and turns that had happened in my life and that had contributed greatly to the uplifting of my personal outlook in life.

My beliefs and convictions about life had changed a lot and I had learned to look into the turns to a higher level whenever a twist of fate pulled me downhill in a given period of my existence.


Twists and turns in life may sometimes if not often hurting but they surely herald the dawning of another beautiful day in our existence and adventures in life. Watch and see then you’ll see what I mean.


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