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Updated on September 1, 2015

Teacher need to find the dominant intelligences of the child.Through the Teele Inventory which is culture free, the researcher determined the multiple intelligence .So researcher first checked appropriateness of the Inventory for students of grade V and VIII . For this purpose, she met a number of experts – a pedagogue, a primary and upper primary teacher, a psychologist, a teacher educator and an eminent researcher. They were asked whether the pictures in the Inventory were appropriate for Indian students particularly students of Grade V and VIII. All of them expressed that the Inventory was appropriate for Indian students of Grade V & VIII. However, they suggested that it would be better if the researcher explains the pictures to the students while administering the Inventory to them with a view to identifying dominant and less dominant intelligences.

The researcher explained the Inventory to the students. Thereafter, the researcher administered the Inventory to the students. The students of grade V and VIII took 20 minutes to write their answer on the answer sheet. Students of grade V did not experience any difficulty in understanding the pictures of the Inventory. They expressed that they were able to understand fully all the pictures. Similarly grade VIII students also did not experience any difficulty in understanding all the pictures of the Inventory.

Dominant Intelligence
Less Dominant Intelligence
Dominant and Less Dominant Intelligences of Grade V Students (both boys and Girls)
Dominant Intelligence
Less Dominant Intelligence
Logical Mathematical
Bodily Kinesthetic
Dominant and Less Dominant Intelligences of Grade VIII Students (boys and Girls)

MI as intervention in school

One of the biggest challenges was to plan MI intervention that would help learners to tap their hidden potential. Researcher maintained reflective diary to maintain the planning of intervention progress and anecdotal records of the children. Prior entering classroom discussed with the environmental science and science teacher about the class V & VIII. She apprised researcher about the nature and performance of the students. She disclosed that two students of class VIII create indiscipline in the class. While one student of class V was disinterested in studies. The foundation of intervention was planned in such a way that students strength was incorporated in the lesson. To engage students narrative section was incorporated where they were encouraged to tell their own story and identify their goals also. Researcher tried to incorporate music, asking questions, logical thinking, manipulate perception for class VIII that emphasized musical, linguistic, mathematical-logical and spatial intelligence.

Pedagogical strategies to tap hidden potential of the child

Logical Mathematical Intelligence:

Used as an entry point to a subject the logical intelligence can be one of the fundamental learning in mind changing (Gardner 20004a). Rani in her reflective journal indicated when I saw patterns in the waxing –waning of moon I understood the topic .Angela mentioned that when they made model of layers of atmosphere …. for the first time she enjoyed science.

Linguistic Intelligence:

Gardner (1999a) recognizes the linguistic intelligence as the capacity to use language to achieve goals, whilst coach mentor recognized that it was easy to have a conversation with a learner that this might be cathartic experience for them, on its own this would not lead to the achievement of their goals. Researcher created a puzzle on states of matter to create interest in the topic. Students wrote a letter to health minister about the rise in water borne diseases due to contaminated supply of water.

Spatial Intelligence:

According to Teele such students often need to see pictures before they can comprehend the meaning of words. Researcher told students to create visual representation on the phases of moon .Tanush created a power-point presentation on kinds of Levers. He mentioned in his journal that he felt powerful as owner of this activity.

Bodily Kinesthetic

People with kinesthetic intelligence express themselves and learn through movement and activities. These learners are very expressive and enjoy hands-on activities.Keeping this in mind researcher created number of activities to involve them.Some of them were field trip,role playing ,body expression for states of matter.

These strategies helped students understand what they are learning. Their portfolio indicated that they were actively engaged in their learning. Bhavya Narangs’ mother called up Principal that she is taking interest in studies now. She explains everything of science class as soon she reaches home. The post test performance indicated that students are clearer in concept now.

Grade V & VIII

The researcher used slightly different instructional approach in transacting the same concepts from that used in Father Angel School for grade V and VIII. Since the dominant intelligences of these two grades of students were the same, the researcher used the same instructional approach in both the grades. The researchers besides interacting with students verbally, used instructional strategy of cooperative learning, games, role play and activities for transacting the delineated concepts.

Learning Environment Researcher surveyed the available resources like books, technology in classroom, materials for storytelling, dresses for drama and dance participants. An area to be earmarked for drama, music instruments and cassettes for background music. After setting the learning environment according to the activities incorporated in the lesson plan. Purpose was to create an environment which engages and facilitate students learning. Another important area was to understand from their teacher, students’ who are unapproachable. Researcher was informed that Diksha of class V not interested in EVS and takes too many leaves. In class VIII Jatin Dahiya cracks jokes during class and disturb others in the classroom.

Class VIII

Interpersonal Intelligence: Researcher created opportunities for students’ where they worked in group. They did role play, students went in nearby society to create awareness on eye protection. Hitesh Grover was the leader of this awareness program and he was honoure in morning assembly on the basis of feedback received from the society.

Linguistic; Story on human eye was created and enacted in the hall. Students’ wrote an essay on challenges in agricultural practices in India. Reflective journal of Chirag mentioned that due to involvement in variety of activities and inquiry he understood the concepts with clarity.

Logical mathematical :Measure brightness of light, how light levels change impact on dilation of pupil.

With change in altitude how pressure increases or reduces. Rahul wrote in his journal he started liking science.

Bodily Kinesthetic: All of them worked in team to design a light demonstration. They went on field trip to see different agricultural practices. Dakshitas’ journal revealed that experiential learning and project work helped her to clarify the concept and she could help others also.

Class V

Logical Mathematical: Students were given puzzle on atmosphere. They calculated how use of different Levers reduces efforts. Researchers’ reflective journal indicated that Sakshams’ attendance and participation in classroom discussion increased.

Linguistic: Researcher involved students in different activities like writing poem, letter, script for drama.Students created a storyboard and interview too.This helped the students to horn their skills.

Interpersonal: Anecdotal record indicated that Jagrit was a leader and with responsibility he started taking interest in subject.Diksha who was not interested in EVS with coaxing started coming out of her shell.Students staged a performance in morning assembly on different phases of moon.

Bodily Kinesthetic: Worked in group to create a project on types of diseases ,their cause and cure in nearby localities. They used their bodies to dramatize the concept of solid/ liquid/gases.

Portfolio, reflective journal and result of pre-test and post test indicated that teacher can reach children by engaging students in their learning. This appears to be daunting task but results are so positive that motivate teachers to work on this model to make students master of their learning and this give option ,opportunities for all students’ to achieve. This theory helps students to develop their strengths, interests, and talents both within and outside the classroom.


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