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T.G.I.M! Thank Goodness It's MONDAY: overcoming MONDAY SICKNESS.

Updated on May 11, 2015

Your alarm rings very loudly. You jumped out of bed because you were late. You dressed up and hurried to go to your office-- no breakfast, no coffee, heavy traffic jams and just a thought that YOU ARE STILL ASLEEP AND HAVING GRIM NIGHTMARE BUT YEAH YOU ARE AWAKE and guess what... IT'S MONDAY!

I know that you or perhaps if not, someone you know encounters Monday sickness every Monday morning. No matter what race, culture or job a person may have, Monday seems to be the same for everyone-- the start of a hell week, a cursed day, a day that would drain all the happiness that you gathered during the weekend, or perhaps just an ordinary day with an extraordinary workload as if your boss thinks that you have extraordinary superpowers to finish the ton of work he gave you. But yeah. Do you know that despite these hardships, there are some good reasons why Monday is not a day to fret about? Well, read on.

#1 MONDAY is a fresh start.

You may think that this is a fresh start for hardships and difficulties and workloads unbearable for a simple human but yeah Monday is also a fresh start for something good.. for the better. Why?

Simply because it's the start of a new whole week. Think that because of Mondays, you will have the chance to correct all the mistakes you've made last week. That you will start afresh again, like a clean slate. You can simply say “Yeah. I have not made any mistake for this week so far.” Therefore you get to have another chance to be better. To improve and prove your self.

#2 MONDAY is the same busy day like everyday.

Well, come to think of it. You are not only tired on Mondays. You are tired EVERY SINGLE DAY. Maybe there are days in which you don't have much work to do like Mondays but you've got tons of work to finish every single day. What makes your Monday more miserable is your attitude towards it. It's mind over matter, dear. Psychologically speaking, what your brain thinks has a great impact with how the rest of your body feels or reacts. And yeah. Think that it's a gloomy and awful day, and you'll start to feel so. Survey says that in a person's life, 10% percent of what happens to him or her is uncontrollable, and 90% is what he or she can control. Your tons of work, your very irritable boss and co-workers, and the traffic jam-- they are all given. They are uncontrollable, yes. But 90% of it? Your attitude, your reaction and your feeling, you have a hold of them. So yeah, smile the trouble away and say, this still a day to conquer. Carpe diem!



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