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The Avatar of Synthesis and The Spirit Of Peace

Updated on March 7, 2010





Would you mind doing a meditation/reading on the following two entities and see what you can come up with.

 "The Avatar of Synthesis"


            I get such wonderful energy, and even chills go through my entire being, filling me with wonder, awe and the most profound love and respect for these TWO ENTITIES/BEINGS that you mention to me and ask about.  They come from far away distant starry origins to spread love, light, energy and wisdom to those willing and receptive to their energies.  As we move more into the 'new age' coming closer to the goal of ASCENSION, many of us have been placing ourselves more into alignment with our "personal higher" self, thus filling us with more passion, purpose and an intense desire to completely experience synthesis, equanimity and peace of mind, body, heart, and soul!


            As we bring in more light from our higher self, via opening the higher chakras, and stimulating the soul glands, the pineal and pituitary glands, which were highly activated in the times of Atlantis, and Lemuria, we begin to engage ourselves on the path of 'service' to mankind and all life.


            As the heart chakra in particular opens more, the DIVINE BEINGS are able to feel the purity of our intentions and soul, and this opens many doors, gateways, and portals from the higher realms where they normally dwell in their LIGHT BODIES.  We are actually inviting such beings as THE AVATAR OF SYNTHESIS and THE SPIRIT OF PEACE, on higher levels that most of us are not consciously aware of.


            Actually these two souls/entities/advanced/evolved "BEINGS" both have similar agendas you could say.  the AVATAR of synthesis, and the SPIRIT of peace, are very cosmic energetic expressions of CREATOR SOURCE, moving down the energy and brilliance of the DIVINE GOD/ALL THAT IS/PURE SPIRIT ESSENCE...The avatars have evolved their individuality to the point of reaching and connecting with PURE "WHOLENESS", which takes place when all the individualized minutes fragments of the soul "MONAD" come into balance, harmony and alignment with the Will and Higher Intentions of the Higher Self.


            The avatar of synthesis, has volunteered and most willingly split off from its WHOLENESS, GOD BEING, to serve as an example to those mortals who have successfully arrived at a certain 'joining' with the higher energies being sent to us at this time from the evolved beings such as the avatar of synthesis, the spirit of peace and so forth.


            They are here, and on many simultaneous dimensions, at the same time, I might add, as complete GOD CONSCIOUS/FULLY ENLIGHTENED/BEINGS can maneuver their essence and energy on multi-dimensional levels at the same time, for they know in their soul and heart, and demonstrate via personal journeys and examples, that the very concept of 'time' is a mortal construct and creations which serves as a useful tool for functioning humans on the worlds of duality where polarity reigns.


            As the Hindus say, MAYA, the goddess of ILLUSION spins her web of deception over the soul, causing it to forget its true divine origins, and endless powers of manifestation.  The illusions fabricate more illusions and in time the soul has convinced itself that it is more human than divine.  Thus, it wanders the worlds of duality and accrues learning experience via its various adventures on many different worlds, planets and so forth.


            In time, after the accruing of much karma, which is worked through and paid off so to speak, in various different experiences and lifetimes, the soul gradually comes to realize that mortality is but a tool, an instrument for learning.  It desires to reconnect with its divine counterpart, its HIGHER SELF.


The soul begins a spiritual journey back to its origins, which finally lead back to the very CREATOR SOURCE some call God/Cosmic Consciousness/All That Is etc.


            When enough souls come to realize that they are not humans having a spiritual experience, but rather they are pure GOD/SPIRIT/ENERGY/ESSENCE having human, among other, experiences, then the path upward to higher realization and self actualization is trod.  


            The Avatar, at this point in the evolvement of humanity, or some of humanity, has stepped forth into this level of energy and vibration to be of service and to help humans synthesize and come back into COMPLETE "ONENESS" and "WHOLENESS" with self, and then ALL THAT IS, and all life.


            The wisdom is there for us to now learn that we are BOTH GODS/GODDESSES/DIVINE BEINGS and MORTALS.  The synthesis brings all of the minute fragments of the soul back into ONE UNIT or Individualized SPARK OF CREATION.  The synthesis is an involved process where the soul gets in touch with and connects with its separate units, aspects, sub-personalities, such terms as would be appropriate to use for the synthesis, or coming together process. 


            As more souls/people reach out to the AVATAR, you speak of and OTHER ADVANCED COMPLETED SOULS, such as Jesus the Christ, Buddah, Lord Maitreya and others, more synthesis will occur.  With more wholeness will come the peace of heart that will connect these souls to THE ENTITY-THE SPIRIT OF PEACE YOU SPEAK OF.


"The Spirit of Peace"


            For we are indeed heading in the direction of PEACE ON EARTH and the Golden Age that is being heralding in as we speak.  2012 marks the end of the MAYAN CALENDAR, and all the shifts in heightened awareness and raising of consciousness are leading the planet to more global cosmic consciousness which will ultimately ASCEND the entire planet to higher dimensional frequencies, known as the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions and higher.  Timing is not limited to 2012, as the grand shifting date.  As so much has happened since the mayans made their predictions.  So much is still happening and so much is yet to happen that will make the actual SHIFTING DATES, not set in stone as many people have come to believe.


            The ASCENSION process is no doubt 'in motion' and when mortals ascend and unite with their light bodies and higher self, the synthesis becomes complete, and the journey comes back full circle as the NATIVE AMERICANS teach, and Tibetans and other cultures with their MANDALAS, sacred symbols of wholeness.


            More of us are realizing that PEACE BEGINS WITH ME.  To change the world let us change our self.  To know the world let us KNOW "SELF' as the Greeks had placed upon the temple of the Oracle at Apollo for those who sought answers on their life purpose and destiny.  Until we know "self", then our destiny is at the mercy of the winds of karma, time, and such transient attachments, pleasures, and so forth.  When we embark upon the path of SELF KNOWLEDGE and TRANSCENDENCE and MERGING the EGO with the SOUL or Higher, then we learn that WE ARE "THE ORACLE"  We create our destiny by the very thoughts and feelings that we hold.


            The spirit of peace is an outside entity, but also the spirit of peace dwells in our very soul, awaiting activation and the call to action to do what we need to do in order to access the spirit of peace.  The entity you speak is a mirror for the 'self' of humans who are now ready and weary of the old outdated belief systems and ways of living that do not heal the heart and serve the soul.


            The spirit of peace shall indeed lead the way and teach us that 'the lion shall indeed one day lie by the lamb and there will be peace in the valley for me, as the old gospel song points out.  It is time for those truly and sincerely from the bottom of their hearts desiring, peace and synthesis to call out to these two beloved ENTITIES/BEINGS.

Also, is their energy/wisdom reachable via focused meditation?


            Of course, how could it be any other way?  They can are willing to come to us in dreams, reveries and Spirit Journeys as well, and with some practice and tuning in, we can learn to recall their messages, teachings and the wonderful cornucopia of wisdom they have to offer each and everyone who is willing to release the pulls and tugs of "EGO" to the point that surrender becomes a prayerful plea.   This kind of surrender is the call that compels the response of such evolved beings.  They love us as much as they love 'self' and every other self, for they know we are part of them as they are part of us.  One of their jobs is to remind us of that and to help us realize, actualize, and achieve this synthesis which will lead to peace in our heart and soul and thus spread outward to humanity, the planet, and the universe and cosmos.

            Namaste, they salute the inner light within you, and all souls!


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    • profile image

      Georgi 6 years ago

      This is just amazing :) I work with these energies but I am astonished by the simpleness and the deepness of your explanation about them

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 6 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words. Michael

    • profile image

      David B 7 years ago

      just amazing, its so good to see this information being put out there to share with the world, this should indeed be taught in schools....simply beautiful to read, thankyou for putting into words things which no doubt if everyone truly looks within themselves at the stillness inside, they will feel it and come to the same conclusion x