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The Border Wall Was Not My Idea

Updated on February 24, 2017

Border Between US and Mexico



You might think, 'What a great idea that border wall!"

You might think again. The most recent details provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers and even people from the community will testify to the extreme cost and basic insane nature of building a border wall between USA and Mexico that would make anyone want to laugh or cry, if they could see the data for this dreadful conception.

If history teaches us anything we should know that the simple message a border wall gives to other countries is "STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY! " This message is not coming from the American People, but only from a select elite few who are both extremely rich but craving ultimate power.

The Berlin Wall is a perfect example of the mentality behind the border wall concept:

On public media sites like Facebook, people are saying 'If you put up a sign that says, we shoot to kill." sends a clear and dangerous message by John Q. Public on social media, Americans hate outsiders. That puts all countries in the same basket.

Yep. The border wall would indeed make America Bad again. If there were anything worse than fully building a super wall that completely shuts off America at the southern borders to Mexico it's the deportation of children who are being taken from their schools by force and leading them to buses that will send them to the other side of the Texas-Mexico border.

America is angry. There is a great divide and it is all being divided by the actions of POTUS, and if America had no reasons to be angry before the election, it is very obvious to me that the greatest division is between the Liberals and the GOP. Which side do you fall on?


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    • lookatdesktop profile image

      Anthony Davis 10 months ago from Dallas, Texas

      Thank you for your comment. Your point is well taken.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 10 months ago from Northern Ireland

      Sometimes, building a wall is seen as a charitable project of public works, in that it provides work for the unemployed, without giving them welfare payouts. But this is such a huge piece of work that could be undermined at any point (literally) that it looks like a bottomless pit for throwing money away!