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Updated on September 27, 2011

Allergies and Their Causes

Your body reacts to allergies in several ways. If you suffer from itchy, watery eyes, sneezing or a runny nose, you may have what is called Seasonal Rhinitis, or what is often called Hay Fever. Symptoms may also include a sore throat, coughing,trouble getting to sleep, and time lost from school in children, and in adults, from work. The conditions disturb sleep and can cause trouble breathing, sinus problems, and pain, and also head aches, are common.

Mold and pollen particles from flowering blooms, are the most common causes of allergies. Ragweed can cause these reactions and are tiny egg-shaped male sex cells of plants.Grasses, trees, and weeds are often the culprits that cause a lot of suffering in allergy victims in the early Spring and Fall seasons. These are smaller forms and are blown easily across the landscape and affect many people annually. Mold, which is found on a variety of mushrooms are commonly found on wet surface areas.

Alternaria ,Aspergillus, Cladosporidium, Mucor, and Penicillium are molds commonly causing allergic reactions. The body's fight against these allergens is handled by the immune system. Several kinds of chemicals are released: Histamine, Leukotrienes, Prostoglandin, and Tryptase, are chemicals released. The immune system of our bodies plays an important role in fighting of these wide variety of allergens.The chemical Histamine also releases a later-phase defense in leukotrienes.These can cause nasal congestion. Antihistimine medicines can help relieve the symptoms. These are over-the-counter medicines that your pharmacist can help you in choosing. If you have severe problems, then you should consult a physician.

At least one in five Americans suffers with some kind of allergic reaction problem and needs the help of medicines or some kind of therapy treatment of these problems. Common ones are caused by foods, such as peanuts, milk, whey, and several outdoor sources such as mold, mildew, grass pollen, tree pollen, and ragweed. Dog and cat allergic reactions are also prevalent in this country. Allergic skin reactions can be caused by medicines, topical applications such as creams and chemicals that cause rash or reddening of skin areas where these have been applied. It is wise to read all of the ingredients in a product before their use.Other sources of reactions may include or not limited to : Wheat, latex, shots, dust mites, nickel, and Hives. Allergic reactions to medicines are becoming more common because the body is preparing more ways in defending itself against foreign substances and the immune system is unable to adequately defend the body after a certain exposure to various chemicals.This often occurs after the first time a med is given and the antibodies overreact to he medicine given. At times there may be more going on than is at first realized in these reactions in other parts of the body.

There are several treatment options for allergic reactions: Using nature-based products can be helpful. One remedy is called European Herb Butterbur and has had good clinical results in helping and is usually administered in tablet form. Freeze dried nettles and a tonic made from the herb golden seals added to a salin or salt solution as a nasal spray, has been found to be effective in treatment.This helps wash away the pollen causing the trouble in your nasal passages.Some nutrients have been found in treatment and are listed as: grape seed extract, wine, and vitamins,such as Vitamin C which has been proven very successful.

Decongestants, and anticholinergeric nasal sprays, steroid nasal sprays, Leukotriene inhibitors, Mast cell inhibitors, allergy shots, and food allergy treatments and the avoidance in such cases as peanuts and whey. Another nutrient found to be helpful is quercatin (flavinoid compound), red wine is the source of these and is used along with Vitamin C. Dehumidifiers have proven to be very helpful in removing spores from in the air inside where people can breath pollen- free air and prevent allergic attacks. Mold, mildew, and dust mites can be reduced in the use if the dehumidifiers, also. The injection of Epeniphrine by carrying Epi pens have helped save lives when there have been severe reactions. HEPA filters have been successful in getting rid of harmful spores in the air, have been proven to be effective in aiding preventing of allergies in buildings.

The many causes of allergies are presently being explored and is the subject of much research in today's medical field.Some of the treatments that are in use for allergies are Allergy shots, a wide variety of allergy medicines on the market in grocery stores and pharmacies,and vitamin C and supplements. These products are currently on the market and a very careful examination and consultation with your pharmacist is recommended before using them.

There are four main ways in dealing with allergies: Educate yourself about allergies and their control, Reduce your exposure to allergens(wear face masks out doors in yard work, playing sports and taking part in prolonged activities to protect against pollen especially in spring and fall time months)., over-the- counter remedies advised by your pharmacists, and finally allergy shots. Immuno therapy may also be a help. Staying inside between the hours of 10 A.M. and 4 advised in early fall and spring times. When pets, such as dogs and cats, are brought in from outside they should be wiped clean or bathed, to remove pollen from their hair. Removal of shoes before entering your home is recommended, to leave harmful spores outside.Use a dryer indoors and never hang clothes outside to be dried. Keep car windows closed when traveling and when they are parked. Keep up with the latest reports on mold, grass, and tree pollen by calling the National Allergy Bureau at (800-9 pollen) are on line at WebMD's Pollen widget. These can assist you and let you know if the pollen count is low, medium, high, or very high in your areas.

I hope this hub will be helpful to all who read it and can find useful information, that may help you in some way. Allergies and their causes are often hard to identify and require much research and investigation, in order that we can find solutions in treating and preventing severe allergic reactions in our futures.


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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from United States

      Time to share and re-read.

    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United States

      I wrote this hub, but failed to research why i am allergic to newsprint, later I found that the foreign substance(ink or antigen)is sensed by the body defenses (or anti-bodies) and when this occurs, swelling of tissues and runny noses and sneezing occurs, in response to trying to rid the body of the antigens.


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