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Updated on May 14, 2012

This article has been put up in regard to the 100th anniversary of one of the deadliest disasters and in the memory of more than 1500 people who lost their life that night.

First of all let me introduce you to all the significant people behind titanic. The Titanic was owned by the American financier J. Pierpont Morgan under white star line, was an international mercantile marine, whose chairman was J. Bruce Ismay. White star line was pre-owned by Lord Pirrie, he was also responsible for bringing together Morgan’s money and British engineering excellence. The captain of the ship was Edward John Smith. The building of the ship was started in 1909 and was completed in 1911 by Harland and Wolff shipbuilders. It was the largest moving object fashioned by man though now has been surpassed by other ships. She was the middle one of the three sister ships Olympic (45,300), Titanic (around 46,300 gross tons), and, the Britannic .they were also very similar in size and accommodations..

Known to be unsinkable it set sail on April 10, 1912. The world had awaited the maiden voyage of this magnificent object for months. But little did they know that in a few days the people along with the ship would be forever immortalized. The ship which sank claiming more than 1500 lives, is one of the deadliest disasters in history of mankind with a wreck that lies over 12,000 feet below the surface. So, was this ship actually the Titanic? Titanic never drowned, shocked? But it’s the truth. So, what was that, which actually took place? Let me draw light into the history and review evidence which leads to a compelling and shocking hypothesis that the ship which plummeted 3 miles to the bottom of the sea was not titanic but its sister ship the Olympic dressed as Titanic. (Check out the videos for more striking proof.)

Why they sunk the Titanic part 1


The first of the trio of the white star liners ,the Olympic had quite a bad record from her younger days due to accidents caused of which the most severe one with British warship HMS Hawke . Holding the suction from Olympics great propellers, hawk was irresistibly drawn towards the bigger vessel resulting in both colliding .Damage reports stated that the outer covering of one of the propellers and the crankshaft was damaged severely and the bearing inside the propeller had also been bent. Any accident which was involving a royal naval ship was investigated by their representative not surprisingly found that the Olympic was at fault, even though the evidence and witnesses to this incident state that it was the other way around. As a result their insurance began to decline. Other than all the damages to the ship mentioned above, there were many other injuries. Hence the ship was declared unseaworthy. It was also told that the ship can only be put to sailing after passing a board of trade examination. This was extremely time consuming and rather difficult, as a lot of the companies money relied on her. So the obvious alternative for it to pass the board of trade examination and to start collecting money was to get it dressed up as titanic.

why they sunk the Titanic part 2

The main difference between Titanic and Olympic



1. On the forward part of sea deck Olympic was built with sixteen port holes while the titanic with just 14, as noted on the launch. But on the day of her maiden voyage it had mysteriously acquired 2 more extra porthole making it sixteen. This clearly points that the ships could be switched

2. The windows on the B deck on the day of her launch had equal spacing in-between but on the day of her 1st voyage a clear unequal spacing was seen.

3. The Olympic was open to the public for inspection while the titanic was not

4. The tile found in the wreck of the titanic was similar to the one that was inside Olympic

5. The Olympic was painted white while titanic was painted black. But on the wreck of titanic certain portions revealed white under the black coat.

6. The bearing bent in Olympics due to the collision with HMS hawk was the damage for a lifetime. This same bending was noted by many passengers who travelled in the titanic

7. The weight of Olympic could have been increased by adding 1000 gross tons to it as titanic was a little heavier.

8. Some of the photographs taken for the movie , shows some life boats from titanic having Olympic carved on them

9. As noted by most of the travellers, titanic had a room named the Olympic? Was it on the basis of the fact that its bad luck to change the name on the ship?

10. Why is that the owner J.P Morgan who had the most luxurious room, quit the plan of coming for the maiden voyage on the last day? Was it because he knew that the ship would sink?

11. Why did the captain take a different path? Was it to get towards the iceberg directly?

12. Why did Bruce Ismay order the captain to take the ship in full speed after getting too many iceberg warnings?

13. Why is that none of the crew members who could have given an answer to all these survived?

14. Both the ships had linoleum flooring, but on titanic’s maiden voyage it was fully carpeted. Was this to hide Olympics worn flooring?

15. Hitting the iceberg could have been prevented with the smallest of ease as the turning radius of the ship was small enough to take a perfect turn.

16. The ship which is known to be the Olympic which was said to be unseaworthy sailed perfectly for more than 25 years after the incident .Was it because, it was actually the new ship, the Titanic?

Why they sunk the Titanic part 3

why they sunk the Titanic part 4


The only time which the ships were placed aside each other, was when they both were at Belfast docks. The crockery etc was a main white star issue which was interchangeable from ship to ship. So the only job which remained was the names on the ships, the name plates, the names on the life boats and life belts which had to be swapped and this process would require quite a lesser time. As photography etc was not developed and no media was around .This process was quite easy.

why they sunk the Titanic part 5


The ship Californian left London just 5 days prior to titanic’s maiden voyage. It was halted in the middle of the sea waiting for the titanic. The plan was to pretend an accident and sink the ship, while Californian came to the rescue of all the victims. That way the white star line would be called as the life saviour and also would be able to get the full insurance on her.

why they sunk the Titanic part 6


The californium had failed to keep his radio operator awake so the last signal of their position cannot be sent. After titanic got hit by the iceberg according to the plan, all of the crew members remained calm as they thought the Californian would come for their rescue and on this matter of fact they were sending the life boats half full. As titanic took the wrong path Californian was positioned at quite a distance. The distress rocket signals sent appeared white (rather than red or blue) to the Californian which made them think that it was another shipping boat engaged in illegal shipping activity. This is how the perfect plan turned into one of the worst disasters.

the sinking


the wreck



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    • profile image

      heather 3 years ago

      This theory came to light around the same time James Cameron's movie came out. There was a documentary that was narrated by Bernard Hill (he portrayed Captain Smith) called Titanic: Secrets Revealed. The propellers have ID numbers on them. Titanic was 401. When they looked at the number on the propeller of the wreckage the number 401 was clear. Some say they switched the propellers, but why would they do that? There is no way they could have known that the wreckage would be found and that the propeller would be checked. They would have thought the evidence would be buried at sea forever.

    • profile image

      Rakesh 4 years ago

      The story is quite interesting but its hard to believe at this stage now. Lets suppose the names have been exchanged and it was Olympic on her voyage instead of Titanic. As per your story if it was real Titanic to be put on her voyage then the story would be different and the ship may not sink. Because it was unsinkable (real titanic).

    • Tit Ours profile image

      Tit Ours 4 years ago from Liège, Belgium

      It's so easy nonsense has told people not knowing the Titanic except what they saw in the movie james cameron I know the titanic already well before the 90s when Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic ... This false rumor that the author of this blog repents has already been objects of investigations there long, so nothing new ... Being a big fan of Titanic I have long hoped that the ship that rests at the bottom of the ocean was the Olympic well, but it comes indeed the Titanic ... The Titanic is identifiable thanks to its serial number

      appears on several objects on the wreck (notably the amarage cocks and many other place yet) and not just because his name disappeared from the bow or stern ... The author of this blog is a liar ...

    • profile image

      Realistic615 4 years ago

      One of the most ignorant-sounding pieces I have ever read. If you has even a semblance of sanity, you would realize that you sound like a dumbass. J. P. Morgan may have (that is, he definitely did) do behind-the-curtains deals, similar to the first John Rockefeller, but there's no way in Hell he sunk the Titanic. Not only would it lose him money, but it would also reduce his public reputation.

      Thanks for listening.

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      Ive watched loads off these videos I soooooo wana no the truth there is so much more to learn I'm so intrigued just don't wana wait a lifetime to no the truth why were the crew shut in a cabin 4 24 hours whot was the California doin why was it there waiting why was it empty????

    • suzanno profile image

      tesslyn suzanne 4 years ago from kerala, India


      Thankyou for the read and comment....i found your question quite interesting ..... and the answer to it is also quite interesting as both the titanic and the olympic were owned by the same firm....which further implies the insurance money would go to the same.....

    • profile image

      kirthak 4 years ago

      i likd ur story, ur story is very fascinating but don't mind quite stupidity is also there, because as u said these both ships titanic & olympic interchabged their names for sake of to get insurance money, but actually if the olympic(titanic) was sunk then those insurance money should go for itanic owner not for olympic owner as thei names were interchanged.....

    • suzanno profile image

      tesslyn suzanne 5 years ago from kerala, India

      Thankyou so much for sparing your time to read and comment DJ sorry to hear that the attached videos are not working for might be due to the web browser.....but you will still be able to watch it....just type "why they sunk the titanic" in youtube.......i read this theory for the first time in the local news daily a few years back ...but then no one was ready to believe about the ship being olympic rather than titanic....that's what piqued my interest to learn more about it...and even writing a hub.....if you google titanic conspiracy theory will be able to find several articles and books on this glad you found my hub interesting....enjoy the day

    • profile image

      DJ Anderson 5 years ago

      I am a Titanic fan, yet I have never heard of this conspiracy theory.

      The attached videos would not play for me. Would have loved to have seen some video evidence.

      Your story has piqued my interest. The theory makes for a logical explanation at to why the Olympic continued to sail for another 25 years.

      Thank you for bringing this story to our attention.

      Great Job!

    • suzanno profile image

      tesslyn suzanne 5 years ago from kerala, India


      Thankyou for your read and comment. Your knowledge about CGI is highly appreciable… for you information, if you had noticed properly, you can clearly see that I haven’t mentioned anything on this basis in the article ,cause I couldn’t find more details about it and because I found it a bit unrealistic. It would have been highly substantial if you had found more time to go through the rest of the details that I’ve mentioned.

    • suzanno profile image

      tesslyn suzanne 5 years ago from kerala, India

      Thankyou for your kind visit and comment here Ateeq :)

      …..I agree that people these days are crooked….but as the wise saying goes “till there is good there will also be evil “right?....lets appreciate the good and live our life……and don’t thank me for getting the truth out… .I wrote this on the basis of reading and watching several documentaries …..So I believe this credit is honorably theirs.:)

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I've seen the M and P before in a picture and it took me about a billionth of a second to realize that it wasn't even a picture. It was a photograph of course but it was a CGI meaning Computer Generated Image. Someone made that on their computer. So you can take that evidence and throw it out the window.

    • profile image

      Ateeq 5 years ago

      The most convincing evidence to me is part5 video at point 9.50 min ....really man's r bcmng mad ... Thank god Fr getting the truth out

    • profile image

      I G 5 years ago

      I have heard about this before......but this one is elaborated........It's kinda creepy I would say.....But did the crew knew about this???Man!a ship in disguise......Simply Wow!This is just one of the many disasters happened around the globe......I hope no Other disaster has got a pinnacle like this.......But how come no one found this that leaves James Cameron's Movie to be an utter Flop.........Oh!Boy.......Don't show this article to James......He would hang himself................

      BOTTOM LINE:History is dusted-off and re modified.

    • suzanno profile image

      tesslyn suzanne 5 years ago from kerala, India

      Titanic fan,

      According to this concept the real titanic sailed perfectly fine for another 25 years under the name olympic and later it was dismantled into smaller segments, while the original olympic drowned under the name titanic.

    • profile image

      titanic fan 5 years ago

      As the author said the ship is swapped then what happened to the real titanic. If the olympic dressed as titanic and then nobody ask about what happened to "olympic".

    • suzanno profile image

      tesslyn suzanne 6 years ago from kerala, India

      Its really hard to believe that people would do all this for the sake of money. The most convincing evidence to me is in the part 5 video at point 9.50 min where its stated that the researchers found the letters M and P(believed to be olympics) encarved below the iron letters ,lost from the name of the wreck of TITANIC ship. but as i couldn't find the same detail in any of the websites, i thought of skipping the point.

      Thanks a lot for voting up and commenting

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 6 years ago from Planet Earth

      This is a very compelling theory - and a chilling thing to consider that such duplicity could be possible. We have certainly seen massive cover-ups and schemes by corporate and government officials in other instances, though. I have no idea if this is true (I would ask some questions of the researchers), but enough information is given here to raise suspicion about the circumstances of the wreck.

      Voted up and interesting.

    • suzanno profile image

      tesslyn suzanne 6 years ago from kerala, India

      thats true....even i was dishearten to see what people do for the sake of some money

    • profile image

      Jasonazad 6 years ago

      why has it taken almost? 100 years to go public with this??.... At least the culprits have been found now. Thankgod


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