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Surprising Science - Water Has a Memory

Updated on October 8, 2018
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Linda works as a Holistic Life Coach and is a published author. She has a particular interest in the qualities of water and its memory.

Water crystals reflect the intent....

You are always communicating with water...

Many years ago, when I first began channelling information from higher sources, I was given a piece of information which astounded me. This is a short piece from my first book channelled in 1994.

"Clear spring water will give you all of the nutritional aids that you require. Much of the water that is being drunk now on your planet does not contain the minerals and elements that you require within your physical systems. When this water is recycled it does not then remain the pure essence of water; it has become putrefied. When one drinks this water, then the essence of the putrefied matter is still present within the molecules and atoms. Do not drink any of this water. It is much better for you to collect the drops of rain that fall than contaminate your systems with the energy of putrefaction. Clear cold water will revive your energy systems."

At this point I stopped drinking tap water as a cold drink....

For long periods of time I have poured bottled spring water into the kettle for herbal tea. I have never drunk cold tap water ever again. Something in this message resonated deep within me. It was years later, when I still had a TV in the house that I watched a programme on "heretics" as labelled by the BBC editors, I might add. One of these so called heretics was a man called Jacque Benveniste who has since died, having apparently survived many attempts on his life previously. I was transfixed as I watched how he had discovered that water had a "memory" and had proved this in many experiments. These experiments included ones that proved through the memory of water, how homeopathy, flower essences and of course healing worked. How the drug companies must have felt threatened when his research became public! Much of what he discovered would have put drug companies out of business if the information had become mainstream, which as far as I know it never was.

Then more recently we have Masaru Emoto who was moved to freeze and crystalise water from pure and polluted sources and noted the incredible differences in the shapes of the crystals. He went on to experiment with having people bless stretches of polluted water and saw the incredible difference when these crystals were viewed under a microscope. The structure had changed from chaotic to beautiful harmonious after the blessing. . He furthered his research by writing love and hate on different bottles of water and again this water was frozen, The same affects were noted that Love water was harmonised and beautiful and the hate water was unbalanced and chaotic. What incredibly powerful information this is for us to integrate and use in our lives.

I wonder even now if people realise the importance of this incredible information. Everything around us is made up of a percentage of water molecules. Every living thing both plant, human and animal has its living ;nutritional source inside it in a stream of water. I believe all liquids have their base in water. We, as humans are a very large percentage of water, I have seen this listed as anything from 70 to 87% by different sources. When a whole house contents burn there is little left when the water content has burnt off. A forest is devastated by fire which is burning off the water.

Memory molecules or atoms....

Water does indeed contain memory molecules or atoms and every time we speak we are blessing or cursing everything around us which involves water. The water memory can only be changed with vibrational or energetic frequency so water filters do not do this sort of cleansing. There are now many different forms of equipment which can heal water for drinking and also an injection of absolutely pure essence water can change a huge amount of putrid water. Check out Grander water for this.

The responsibility is immense and it is one we must take on willingly and change our every thought and every word for it is heard and responded to in the forests, in the houses and in our own bodies. We must curse no longer but only bless for as it is said, so it becomes. The frequency for damage or healing is in our intent, thoughts and our words. The new science of our world when it is broadcast can give us the new world we so wish for. For as we think and speak we can indeed create the new world and the new us.

Water is truly the element of communication throughout our world and maybe further.

It is one of the best conductors of energy, we should have guessed earlier!


How can we use water in our daily lives....

More proof that Water does indeed have a Memory


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