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Updated on April 19, 2011

The Shiny Dime.


We may be wondering how this method works. I will endeavor to explain it as we go along. To be honest this method can be used honorably in some cases and some dimes are worth pursuing. For example, some things that are solid pursuits are college degrees, trade skill training, police, fireman, preacher, teach and many others.


Now, there are some negative other dimes to be careful of and to stay away from.  Many people are taken by the basic premises which are quick money, short cut, less work and looking for instant gratification. The bottom line is that this shiny area can apply to many areas of life.  It can apply to marriage, jobs, relationship, work ethic, family, and many more aspects of life.   


Here is the basic line of deception to watch out for. Usually an outside source will proclaim that this or that is a worthy pursuit. Here is the rub, it is most likely for their advantage or benefit. They would have you believe they are looking out for your best interest. Not.  The bottom line is that their real motives are probably not pure or sincere.  But, the true value is only known only by the originator. Anyone portraying or offering a shiny dime must be looked at very closely. Ask your self why.  


Next, some coins fade quickly. This usually means that what we have pursued was not a good choice.  It was not a worthy pursuit.  As one famous author put it, in short, we were chasing the wind. That means we were getting no where for all our time and efforts we put in.


Finally, we learn in life by becoming aware. Once we are aware of something we can take steps to protect our selves. So, let us consider what are worthy pursuits in our lives and what our not. The key is being able to tell the difference between a real coins and a fade one.  And hopefully, it will not take us a lot time to figure out which is which and act accordingly.     


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