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Updated on October 15, 2015

For all professionals

The thinking has evolved, yes, and also the way to conceiving ideas. Since time immemorial is known that the world is ruled by the posts or positions; many, many grades have been invented since the beginning of mankind.

Today, there’s only one requirement to qualify for big jobs, either professionally as in the religious sphere and political, but today I want to focus with regard to professional… Speaking about that requirement… yes, it's the same you're thinking: THE PROFESSIONAL TITLE.

Currently over 90% of young graduates aspire to a career, I'm not saying it's wrong, on the contrary, it's the best decision you can take, but for many, the problem to get a career is when next to the name appears "engineer" or "graduate", they think that qualifies them for a number of things (both positive and negative) immediately. Hence arise three types of personalities and it is clear that is a personal decision to opt for one of them:

The stunning professional:

That guy who just get a professional degree and he think, believe and imagine that's a direct ticket to great jobs, big salaries and lots of fancy things. In his mind wanders the crazy idea that at any moment someone will contact him by any media to require their services, but there comes a time when he opens his eyes and realizes that things are not working like that; He finally understands that the University gave him nothing but the basics to develop in their professional profile. This kind of person knows that to get what he wants, should start from the first step to reach the top. The most common personality from a new professional.

The perfect snooty:

The most negative personality that can exist in a professional. This person is one who thinks that all people are under his shoulder; he has the silly idea that carry the ENG, GRAD, MSc or PhD all of us owe him respect and reverence. According to this person, what comes out from his mouth is as valuable as the Christ's parables. In his empty mind stays the idea that his thoughts should be proclaim universal laws. He does not waste time to show off his many titles, awards, qualifications and unlimited knowledge that he thinks he has. He gives himself the authorization to humble, as often as necessary to whom, according to him, is beneath his feet; indeed, generally he enjoys do that, but this "perfect" being has only one very small defect: he won’t be able to flaunt about his multiple job experiences or his many works carried out specifically in his career… And you know why? Because he simply doesn’t have any real experience. The perfect snooty never get a work of truly professionalism, inasmuch as his mind is occupied only feed his ego and fill it with vain expectations. The mind of these people is always empty and ignorant to what really matters. As the saying goes: "Tell me what you brag and I'll tell you what you lack.”

The one who simply knows:

This personality is the personality known as "Dinosaur", but not because who carries is someone old or exceeded experience, it is called like that because gradually has been extinct, like our prehistoric reptiles became extinct 65 million years ago.

What about this? ... It is the most difficult personality to find in a professional, because a number of tools that are needed (so to speak) to develop it; the possessor is totally opposite to the perfect snooty for the simple reason that he has none of those characteristics. This person is one who accepts others as they are, never boasts of its professional profile to anyone. He is always available to listen, whether as the youngest as the oldest employee. Generally, who acquires this personality type is one who possesses the stunning professional personality first, but then has to take the hard decision to temporarily let away his title to acquire knowledge from everything and everyone around him.

There are people who have this personality without the need to have professional degrees and these are those that in a labor sector go unnoticed, but without them, nothing would work. Always they convey good humor and they never humiliate their fellow men, being that in his brilliant mind exists the ideology that we are all equal.

They ever show off their wisdom because they don´t know they have it, they just contribute, from their simplicity and humility, ideas that are crucial to the advancement and development of the companies that hire them and which, by the way, the companies doesn't give them what they deserve.

In an ideal world, who would take "the reins" of a project or a company would be those who simply know, but unfortunately we are in a world where, who teaches is an ignorant, who reaches the top is the egocentric and who runs great ideas is an empty mind.

It is necessary to clarify that with that last sentence I mean a majority of the labor sector and education, but also I've been witness that there is a minority who teaches more than what they know, is on top, but the perspective is that no steps or peaks, just a platform where we are at the same professional level and directs great ideas, giving it even better ideas.

I conclude this brief thought, giving you one of the many wise advices that my father has given me: "When you leave this world you won't carry off anything material, but you'll leave a memory... and is up to you the way how you want to be remembered."

What kind of personality you have or what kind of personality would you like to have?



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