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Updated on April 9, 2010


Various professionals have different personality requisites for success. It is very important to understand one's own strengths and weaknesses to succeed in a career.

In teaching, the kind of person you are has a direct bearing on how well you promote learning. It is not only what you know that counts, but what you are counts, too.

There are few common personal qualities associated with teaching. The following represent some of these qualities or competencies:

1.      Emotional maturity — The student teacher has considerable self-confidence. He is free from fears and worries about worthless things; has control over moods and relatively adaptable to sudden changes in learning situations; can take disappointments in life;

2.      Intellectual maturity — Intelligence as exhibited by foresight, judgment, imagination. Generally, those student teachers who have considerable breadth of interest are the most successful. The higher the scholastic ability, the more successful the student will become. Intellectual curiosity coupled with perseverance are very significant in teaching;

3.      Social maturity — The student teacher senses the need for a high degree of social effectiveness. He shows tact and respect in dealing with pupils, teach­ers and parents;

4.      Leadership ability — Student teachers need to show leadership skills. Command respect, be self-confi­dent; show ability in planning, organizing, direc­ting, executing and evaluating;

5.      Physical maturity — Physical health is important. Pupils are sensitive to the appearance of their stu­dent teacher. Posture, manners and mannerisms have their effect on the relationships of student teachers and their pupils.

There should be interrelationships based on the above factors in developing good teacher personal­ity.


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