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Updated on December 29, 2011
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters | Source

More and more of the “Ghost Hunter” type programs that have become popular in the past few years have been debunked as setting up fake evidence. I can’t watch any of them because it’s so obvious to me that they don’t know what they’re doing. There have been several instances within the past year where former members of these TV teams have come forward to admit that their shows are not on the up-and-up. Sad, but Hollywood cannot keep from putting their dirty, money-making hands in the pot and messing with honest people in the process.

How can they pull off the frauds? Well, quite simply, Hollywood has led its audience to believe that the only time to hunt for paranormal activity is at night. Rubbish! The only
good thing about night-time investigations is that traffic noise is cut down—that’s it! Just about every spirit activity I have personally observed has been during the daylight hours.

However, if its dark, then it’s really easy to hide people outside of the camera’s field of vision who are pulling strings to make things move, (supposedly by phantom hands) throwing itemsacross a room, making mysterious shadows, etc. And it’s so much more dramatic because almost everyone is afraid of the dark. SPIRITS ARE NOT MORE ACTIVE AT NIGHT…it just seems that way because locations (except for Vegas) are quieter at night so the activity tends to be noticed more—the sounds of a settling house aren’t nearly as scary at noon as they are at midnight. I understand that watching these shows are fun, especially if you have an interest in the unknown, but keep in mind that this is NOT reality TV… It’s Hollywood Hype.

Every professional paranormal investigator understands that paranormal activity does not happen on command. None of us have control over what and when it manifests, and it does not manifest 24/7. Therefore, the chances that any investigation will obtain a lot of evidence of paranormal activity in a certain location is slim, to say the least. An investigative team would have to spend days at a location in order to be there at the right time to catch it. That is why it is so important for the owners to keep a log of what unexplained events occur and at what time. Also, it has been proven that the more moisture there is in an area, the better the chances of picking up paranormal activity. So, if it’s raining for a few days and the owners experience a great deal of paranormal activity (especially if there is a thunderstorm involved with the rain), and when an investigative team comes out and it’s been dry for a while, the chances are good that they will not be able to record any activity, no matter how much they provoke the spirits lingering in the area.

That being said, how boring would it be if the TV paranormal investigative teams spend a night at a reportedly haunted location and they don’t get any evidence? So, producers have to create activity in order for viewers to want to watch the show again. Whenever there is money involved, you cannot trust the results—that is the long and the short of it. So, watch your favorite Ghost Hunter show and enjoy it as you would any sit-com, but don’t trust that everything you see on that show is the truth… it’s not. If you really want to know what goes on at a paranormal investigation, join a team and discover the truth first-hand—as long as the investigation team doesn’t charge you for the experience.


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