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The Tryst to Fit in and Not Stand out: The Incumbent Abysmal Placement Scenario in India

Updated on February 12, 2018

Placement Scenario

The Saga of the Abysmal Incumbent Placement Scenario Elucidated

Hard work will beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard” is an eminent age-old adage that inherently illustrates the fact that talent alone doesn’t suffice rather superfluous if there is no perseverance to complement it but in the incumbent scenario it seems as if a perfect medley of the aforementioned two isn’t good enough to guarantee you the success & ease of a profession you so richly deserve and probably craved for.

Let’s make no bones about the abysmal condition of the present placement scenario and cut to the chase with a simple point, to begin with, companies are often least bothered about what you desire to do or perhaps what you aspire to become, they are rather more worried about what you can do for them in a particular field in a stipulated time frame so that they can attain certain premeditated goals & meet certain demands or requirements. According to a reliable source “Most of the MNCs have reduced their hiring by 15-20% this year in India”. Furthermore, according to another report “There is about 30-40% drop in the general campus placement numbers for the academic session 2017-18 in India evident in almost all the major courses, for instance, B-Tech, MBA et al”. Prime reasons for the debacle can be articulated as the inducing effects of Brexit and Trump Card etc.

Mass recruitment is something that fails to recognize what all a student or person is invariably capable of offering as here precedented numbers dictate the terms and seldom does one find a real talent transformed into a global juggernaut in any sphere of life he or she has ventured into. A lot of people toil hard for years only to find that in the general placement drives marvellous opportunities are only a few, in fact, the total number of opportunities in hand per se is limited. Subsequently, the criteria often asked for in several very small and unheard of companies in front with a meagre CTC are minimal so succumbing to these tough times instead of taking due time to contemplate all over again about what’s best for them in the longer run, they in utter desperation simply join the bandwagon of the mass recruiter and exiguous groups at the drop of the hat with a paltry package probably far less than what they could have acquired had they been a wee bit more patient and rugged.

As a matter of fact, all the efforts made along the way in the hope and desire for a dream job lies a premature death at the hands of the callous regime. Now, the question the job seekers start accentuating upon and actually start asking themselves is ‘HOW TO FIT IN & NOT HOW TO STAND OUT AND STAND APART FROM OTHERS’. The harsh reality is something the greater section is not acquainted with initially and as soon as the reality check occurs realization dawns upon them that what they had conceived was comprehensively off the mark and this backfiring is just too much to endure thus leading to harrowing circumstances altogether.

However, there are people who get placed in well reputed and frequently sought after companies as well as organizations of their choice and desire along with a package to their heart’s content that commensurates with their aesthetic credibility and intellect likewise but such cases are few and far in between. Amidst all this, the blame shouldn’t be entirely directed towards anyone or anything for that matter for the predicament that has ensued is perhaps due to a plethora of factors that play a crucial part in determining the sort of job one gets or is likely to get, be it- the norms of the land, saturation point and scope in certain sectors, qualifications and calibre of the candidates vying for a particular seat or position or the demands of the concerned organizations undertaking such recruitment drives to bolster their unit etc.

Ergo, in a nutshell it can be summed up that “Even though one does get to hear about more and more cases of people being offered colossal amount for the services they are subjected to render to their dream jobs or satiating vocations in the contemporary cosmos yet contrary to this the bigger picture elicits that recession has taken a toll on the CTCs and average packages per annum culminating into an impasse without any significant escalation in the remunerational growth percentage”. Moreover, aspects of modern-day job struggles like retrenchment & saturation of several sectors has ushered in attritional spells over the youths of this nation and professionals alike and all of this has ultimately led to the escalation in a multitude of unpropitious and preposterous ramifications like unemployment, suicides, quitting of jobs and resorting to pity as well as heinous crimes et al. Hence, introspection followed by a resolute pursuit and endeavour for reformation & refinement is the call of the hour in order to ameliorate the prevalent situation in the country and the world alike, it is also necessary so as to impede the posterity from getting savagely victimized by the upheaval lest what beckons is- ‘A world driven solely on machines by machines (robots) snatching the jobs and depriving several new openings for many simultaneously and ruining the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide in that process’.

© 2018 Sovan Sinha Roy


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