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Updated on May 4, 2011

DFW TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth

BY Patricia Ross Founder TEEN VOICE



You have now reflected on the early years of your life and know that you had one person who loved you. The next step is to know that you are CONNECTED, a CHAIN and LINK to your community.

*CONNECT-To become linked; To link together

*CHAIN- Flexible series of links; any series

*LINK- Of logically connected elements; a thing that binds; to bind or restrain as with a chain one of a series; a link in a chain; A connection; A communication link; to connect

Now learn to network in your community and career environment.

NETWORK-A system of structure with interconnecting bonds; communication network

Now define the phrase WHO AM I in your life ex. Mother, Father, daughter, son and or communicator, doctor, lawyer or eunterprenuer and do your role with purpose and cause. Work toward your purpose and cause that you are trying to achieve. Now that you have a purpose and cause you are promoting and gaining your support. NETWORK, meet people to explain your goal desired end outcome you wish to achieve. You will attract what is needed in your life even if it is LOVE.


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    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile image

      DFW TEEN VOICE 7 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      Love is for You and the steps to obtain relationships!

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