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TIME? This is Fact Sheet.

Updated on March 30, 2013

"Wie spät ist es?," says the man from Deutschland

" Hoe laat is het?," according to the girl from the Netherlands

"Quelle heure est-il?," answers the guy from France

"Qué hora es?," replies the Spanish

"Ano ba? Ano'ng oras na?" says the Filipino

These are the responses to the task: Please translate the English question, "What time is it?" in your own language. As far as everybody knows, there are so many different ways to say or to ask it depending on their mother tongue or native language but, everyone means only one thing and that is "Time" bothers them a lot.

There is no doubt, Time is very crucial. It is one of the most important things in the world especially in the modern era. In everything we do, we always want to save time and we value it a lot that we consider it as a precious and expensive treasure. We chase after it everyday. We think about it every time. It is in our heads. It is in our pockets, on our wrist, on the wall--everywhere... but how far do we know about time? Do we really know it?

Time for An Ordinary Man

Whenever people are asked to describe or define time, they would always run out of words to express their ideas about it so what they're gonna do is to show a wrist watch or a clock and they would say, "this is time."

Science and Time

Why does the world have different time zones? Why do we link time to an image of a clock, to an hour glass, to the sun and to the moon? How are we going to define it without these things?

Time exists in the mind--it is an illusion. We cannot see it nor feel it but we can always think about it. They say man invented it and it is one of the man's greatest inventions of all time. Science defines it as an interval separating two points of this quantity; a duration. That's a quite complicated definition for an ordinary human being like me but as far as I am concerned, one's job or interest has a big factor on how man would define it.

In The Eyes of a Rational Being

"TIME IS LOVE," that is what a romantic person would always say about time. "It is never too late to love because it is never too early to die." Love doesn't knock on your door every time. Love, like time, is a tramp, a vagabond, a stranger and a gypsy.

A man who is very time conscious and always in a hurry would say that "TIME IS NOW." He will never let it pass and will never let it go. He values each and every second that he has.

"TIME IS GOLD" and it is very expensive but among the most expensive treasures there are in this planet, TIME is the only thing we cannot buy; we cannot buy it because we cannot afford it. Perhaps, the wealthiest man on Earth have thought of buying it and probably he failed to do so.

Money, money, money... "TIME IS MONEY." Need I explain it further? Every second counts and every second is every centavo. For those who work hard, this is the best motto for you. But have you ever asked yourself why you are working and what you are working for? Are you working for money, for yourself, for your family or for your future? Are you working for your own security or for others?

Time and Physics

We can travel through time. If we want to reminisce the moments we had with our loved ones, if we want to change anything that had happened to us before or if we want to take a look back at what we're before--we can travel back into the past. if we want to have an idea or take a peep of what would possibly happen to us five or ten years from now--let's journey into the future. Right now, we have the present and it is in our hands. Whatever we want to happen today, it will happen. If Physics is right in saying that Time Travel could be possible, that's a good news for us. But we don't have to let Physics demands whether we could or could not travel through time because nobody owns it. It is free. And while it's there, we have to grab the opportunity to enjoy but never to abuse it.


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      Dalvenice 3 years ago

      Ok quick question yea I know I'm biehnd on this, but the RSS feed. Can that be to my blog? Or would that be not ok? If I write a lens about something pertaining to my blog like formatting tips and then put my RSS feed in it, would that be ok? Or do you want to always find a RSS feed to some place else?

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and interesting. So true. I wonder if we lose or gain anything when those clock turning times roll around. I always feel that I could use more time for everything and there just isn't enough to go around.