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Updated on February 24, 2017


You must be aware of the line, and it's quite simple that if we need something we do lots of effort to get that and if it not possible by the source and means available then we try to build something, And that leads us to the edge of invention. Earlier days, This phrase was followed very seriously, but nowadays it is being changed slightly. We have replaced the 'Necessity' to 'Desire'. Here, I have recalled the past and gathered 10 of the most important inventions of Men that changed the world we live today.

10. Television

It is personally my favourite invention because I am addicted to it. The television set was invented by not one person but a group of numerous personnel. The principal idea was based on photo-conductivity of the element selenium, founded by Willoughby Smith and the successful practical invention of television is first made by J.L. Baird, a Scottish engineer. Today it is a very useful device to get the information of all the activity that is happening in the world. And it is also a major source of indoor entertainment.

9. Computer

Don't get surprised by seeing Computer at number 9 spot as there are other more important inventions that will justify the rank.

The computer is the most important device for present era, almost everything is being computerised and in upcoming we do not have to do anything as robots will replace the workers completely and this is all because of the computer. Alan Turing is the mastermind behind this important invention.


8. Clock

Look around, what is happening. Let me guess, if you are not alone then you must have seen the people working and are in hustle bustle for his work or any useful or either useless works. You know what they are running to catch 'the time' because they think they can get various things in one moment and this fictional desire has made them 'Slave of time'. Perhaps I should not blame the time if I am considering it as the 10 most useful inventions of all time. Before the invention of Clock(or watch), We used the sun to use as a time-telling tool but as you are guessing how they are aware of the time in the night, let it be clear that is the stars and the moon that helped them, but there were lots of limitations. Nowadays, It is quite simple because of the invention of Clock, that we work very efficiently and in time.

7. Steam Engine

James Watt is the mind behind this important invention, which changed the way we live. The invention was that of Steam Engine. Steam is a powerful fuel for the locomotive. This idea first came in the mind of James Watt, who started putting in most of his time thinking about getting a practical use of Steam into daily life, when finally he ended up in the discovery of Steam Engine, which remained a method of inexpensive transportation for hundreds of years.

6. Telephone

Sir Graham Bell played a very important role in revolutionising the world, as now, we don’t see even a single person without a phone in his hands or in his pocket. Alexander Graham Bell was the first scientist to be awarded a patent for the telephone in 1876. The first successful transmission of clear speech by Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson was made in March 1876. The invention was quickly become very popular because of its magnificent scope and application. One would talk from one cup and the other would be able to listen from the other end. This is the base of all the telephone companies nowadays.

So, these are the 5 most renowned inventions that changed the world and in the second instalment of this article, I will show you the other five. Be ready to see the top 5 most important inventions and stay in touch. Thanks for stopping by.

Which is the most important inventions for your point of view?

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