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TOP 10 secret advantages of knowing a foreign language

Updated on November 3, 2015
That is how lack of knowledge can kill somebody
That is how lack of knowledge can kill somebody
Hub infographic
Hub infographic

Everybody knows that knowledge of foreign languages can be very useful in life. It can even save someone’s life like in the picture below. Now we are going to talk about the most secret and the most valuable advantages of possessing foreign language skills.

1. Girls adore compliments in a foreign language

This method was verified by my personal life experience. It works infallibly, especially, if in French. As it is known, French is considered the most romantic language in the world. Scenario is as follows: you accidently mention that you speak French. Then your interlocutress will definitely ask for pronouncing something in French with the expectance of 95% (5% are possible if she also speaks French). After that you pronounce something like «Tu es très belle» (You are beautiful), or even «Tu es très jolie et j’admire ton sourire. J’adore discuter avec toi, parce que tu es la fille très intelligente» (You are very sweet and I admire your smile. I adore talking to you, because you are a very smart girl). Be ready for giving her a glass of water. Because she can lose her consciousness… and mind because of admiration!

2. You can curse anybody without negative consequences

Sometimes there are such situations when you want to tell a person what you actually think about him or her, but consequences may occur to be catastrophic, i.e. a teacher, annoying colleague or even your boss. Only imagine, this is total freedom. To achieve better result and exclude any suspects, you should mask your attitude as a song. It means that you may sing your thoughts out loud and everybody will think you just have a good mood. However, we know the truth. Notice: you have to be sure that nobody around knows a language you are going to sing in.

3. You can watch movies with censored lyrics in the presence of your parents

Even if you are not a kid anymore, you rather know that awkward feeling when you watch a movie with censored lyrics and, though, you know such words, you feel ashamed a bit even at the age of 25. Otherwise, you can sit still without worries.

4. You can discuss something secret with your BFF with other people close by

For example, you are in public place and there are people who should not know what you and your friend know, but you want to discuss it right now and right here. Does Kate have a too short skirt? It has to be discussed, but, obviously, not with her, though, she can hear you. Oh, that’s cool she doesn’t know French, Spanish, German etc. (underline the necessary).

5. You can give yourself out to be a foreigner

By the way, this is a quite useful opportunity in some situations. If some strange person annoys you, you can easily fluff this person off, having pretended to be a foreigner who doesn’t understand what he or she is talking about. However, you may play somebody up just for fun. Everything depends on your creativity. Notice: this opportunity can be used for a goal mentioned in guideline 1.

6. You can set the phone interface in another language

This is very useful if you have a new phone. Everybody starts asking you for allowing to check it. Unfortunately, it has menu in a foreign language, so your interlocutor will have to give you back it at once. By the way, you may do the same thing for your computer or laptop and rename folders in a foreign language. Nobody will understand what exact folder to open to pry your personal photos, but they will not check all the folders: people usually are too lazy.

7. You can watch original movies

No dubbing can be compared with watching original foreign program. It is often impossible to translate a joke properly into another language. It is possible to interpret it or use analogue, but there is no way to make it sound literally. Just try to translate that joke below the text from Facebook into some another language.

8. You can read books in original language

Reading books is always useful. But it is especially good to read it in original language. It does not only fulfill you with new information, but it will also allow to improve your language knowledge. Besides that, many new books does not have translated versions for a long time.

9. You can get new friends from other countries

And not only friends. This is one more advantage, which can be used for the goal mentioned in the guideline 1.

10. You can earn money with your language knowledge

There is a possibility to perform tasks and earn money on different freelance platforms without leaving home. This is especially comfortable, if it is a specialized linguistic online platform where you do not have to browse through plenty of tasks for finding one, which includes translation of texts, copywriting in different languages or language tutoring. They say that knowledge is power, but knowledge can also be money and it is not only about foreign languages.

No dubbing can be compared with watching original foreign program. It is often impossible to translate a joke properly into another language. It is possible to interpret it or use analogue, but there is no way to make it sound literally. Just try to translate this joke into some another language:


Original video - We are sinking


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Eh, more like, say... learn languages and... their ship won't sink

    • efefarren profile image


      3 years ago from Farren

      Cool article!

      I 've never thought about Such advantages of knowing a foreign language.

      Gerah, learn French or Italian these are the most romantic languages. Girls will appreciate)))

    • Aaron Fields profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Fields 

      3 years ago

      I'm glad you like it!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very inspirative article! Thanks :-)

    • Aaron Fields profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Fields 

      3 years ago

      It depends on girls you want to pick up:-)

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      That's was very usefull and informative.

      P.S. What language should I learn to pick up girls?))


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