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Updated on August 4, 2017

This is for the Lubbock area

With spring on the South Plains comes the threat of tornadoes. To insure their personal safety, members of the Texas Tech community should acquaint themselves with a few terms and precautions.

TORNADO WATCH means conditions are such that tornadoes could develop. A watch is issued to alert you to the possibility of the development of conditions favorable for tornadic activity.

Action to take - Monitor radio or TV stations to obtain continuous weather advisories. Be prepared to take cover if signal is given.

Tornado Warning means a tornado has been sighted-visually, or by weather radar.

Warning Signal - The tornado warning signal is steady high pitched sirens mounted on selected campus buildings. The sirens are augmented by police car sirens and by radio and television announcements. Weather radios, if available, will automatically sound when a tornado warning or watch is issued. The radios should be left in the "on" position with the volume turned down. Radios may be tested each Wednesday between 11 am and noon. Departments not having a weather radio are encouraged to purchase one.

Action to take - In case of a tornado, seek inside shelter, preferably a tornado cellar, steel framed or reinforced concrete building (including any major Texas Tech building). Seek an interior hallway on the lowest floor or basement and stay away from windows. Avoid structures with wide, free-span roofs (auditoriums, gymnasiums, etc.). If caught in open country away from shelter, lie face down in the deepest depression available-a ditch, culvert or ravine. Keep radios and television sets tuned, but do not telephone the National Weather Service or other information centers unless you are reporting a tornado sighting.

Not just for Lubbock, this is prepared you for just in case for disaster yet to come.


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