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Taiji, The Cove, and the Annual Dolphin Massacre from Sept.- March

Updated on August 22, 2010

The annual, secret slaughter of thousands of dolphins at Taiji, Japan, is about to start from September to March.

Unless you have NOT seen the movie-documentary, The Cove, you know little about it. You should see the movie. The oddity about this whole dolphin massacre is that the Japanese people eat very little dolphin meet from the sea. The thing is that much of other seafood they do eat is mixed in with dolphin meat killed at Taiji. 

Taiji, from the external view, is a quaint small seaside town in Japan. Beautiful setting and judging from the signs and businesses, very pro-dolphin. Yet, many of the locals know little about the fisherman who conduct the mass killing of dolphins once they are corralled in by nets are simply harpooned or stabbed to death creating a cove of red dolphin blood. The visual is disgusting as fisherman joke and randomly stab lying dolphins that are beached. Worse, is the eerie high pitch squeal they make when frantic, trying to escape a Nazi-like horror! Disturbing.

The Japanese people, like most others who eat seafood, seldom know how their meal ends up on their dinner plate. Because dolphins are at the top of the food chain in the sea, their meat also has the highest levels of mercury poisoning, far exceeding FDA levels for consumption. Yet, since the dolphin meat is mixed in with other fish meat, it is eaten daily.

Japan protects its fishing industry. For them, it is a "hands-off" topic for any Western government telling them what they should or should not do. They consider it their heritage, their culture and absolute right to slaughter dolphins or whales in excess of the limits set by the International Whaling Industry and others. They "buy" another's countries votes by building ports and fishing facilities, and it is expected for that country to vote with Japan about fishing limits.

The Japanese fisherman in Taiji consider the dolphin as a pest, eating other marine life that the Japanese prefer to eat, so, their logic is, keep the dolphin population down through annual massacres. So, every year, about 2000 dolphins are slaughtered at Taiji out of the 13000 Japan kills in their waters annually.

Studies show that within 40 years, there may no longer be any dolphins in the ocean.


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    • profile image

      JPatton444 5 years ago

      Good information, perrya. Thanks.

      Yes. Everyone should see The Cove--a film about dolphins that has won more awards than any other documentary in history.

      And I'll add a recommendation for A Fall From Freedom--a documentary about the captive display industry.