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Taking Online College Classes to Get Your Degree Faster

Updated on April 21, 2015

Taking online college classes to re-educate yourself is one of the easiest and best ways to do so in today's world. After all, the internet makes it easy to access the world from home without having to commute and with no relocation fees involved. In addition, there are a number of advantages to learning via the internet and there are many accredited degree programs that will allow you to earn a degree fast.

Online college classes at your fingertips
Online college classes at your fingertips | Source

Meeting Your Educational Needs on Your Schedule

Many people who want to re-educate themselves are already working in a full- or part-time job and they need to be able to create a flexible schedule. Others want to study full-time to earn their degree. Either way, enrolling in one of the many online college programs that are available is the best way to make this happen.


When you are taking online college courses by distance you can work on your own time. No matter what your life schedule is, when you study online you can set your study schedule to suit your needs. If you need to study part-time you can, but you can also ramp things up and work overtime.

Accelerated Learning

Online college classes can often be completed via an accelerated learning program that will allow you to get your degree in half the time it would take with traditional programs. While most online degrees can be accomplished in three to five years, accelerated degree online programs allow students to finish in as little as two years or less.

Of course, earning your degree in a short amount of time means that the time you are studying is intense, but this suits many people. You will have to consider your life circumstances before launching into an accelerated degree because the workload can require many hours a day to complete.

Amount of Courses

However, the method of learning when taking accelerated online college classes is different than the traditional method of learning. With accelerated learning you will only take two courses at a time instead of many courses at once.

By only taking two courses by distance at a time you can focus more on the course material and you will have better retention of the information you are learning. In addition, the accelerated learning schedule is generally project-based, which mimics the work environment and will help prepare you for your career.

CLEP Exams and College Credits

The college level examination program is yet another pathway toward your degree. When you take a CLEP exam through this program you can gain CLEP credits. This reduces the number of credits you need to complete your college degree; therefore you earn your degree faster. If you want to score high on your exam or need to brush up a little in a certain area, try searching online for top CLEP study guides to help you before you take the exam.


If you are able to put in the extra time and you want to re-educate yourself quickly, then accelerated online college programs are the way to go. The flexibility offered by studying online is incredible and it has opened up a whole new world of study that allows people with all different types of life circumstances to fit education into their lives.


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