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Talk to your Subconsciousness mind

Updated on December 13, 2012

Subconscious vs Conscious

Mind is a factor that can't be seen. Anything that is invisible is obviously powerful. Simplest examples are God, wind, sound, etc. This does not mean that those are visible are not powerful. Mind is one such powerful existing factor in our life. It was not born after we are born. It was there before our birth and would be after our death. We get involved or merge with it.

How does a conscious mind differ from sub-conscious mind?

We all know that there are two major classifications in mind, the conscious and the sub-consciousness. The alpha, beta, gamma minds are not our aim for discussion. Our focus is to understand our mind and extract maximum outputs from it.

Conscious mind is the one that we are in most of the time. Any work that we perform, would be performed with the help of the conscious mind. Consciously we involve to complete a task with utmost perfection. When we go to sleep, the door of conscious mind is closed and the sub-conscious mind would starts its duty. Mostly, the time we sleep will be governed by the sub-conscious mind. Conscious mind needs our organs such as eyes, hands, legs and thoughts to coordinate to accomplish a task. In contrary, the sub-conscious mind just needs the input and complete absence of our organs to perform a task. There are innumerable stories available that worked on sub-consciousness. A few which worked for me are.

I lost my byke keys and searched for it for the whole day and failed. This thought, I imbibed in my mind deeply and went to bed in the night. The thought is the input here. Now, it was the responsibility of the sub-conscious mind to track it and give me. Of course it did. Sub-conscious mind does not know whether it is good for you or not, if you insist or like the most (bad or good), it would start its work. The stronger your thought, the sooner the results are.

Another incident: I was discussing with my friend to deposit a check for a particular transaction, which we were discussing in length about it. The same day, I got a dream that the check is getting dishonored. The next morning, I spoke to him to check for the available balance in his account before giving the check, as appeared in the dream, there was some shortage to balance the figure mentioned in the check. The input that was given to my mind was to make the payment through the check without properly checking the available balance. This got triggered and the mind gave a result.

Talk to yourself

The best and most reliable friend who can treat you at par and keep all your emotions intact is none other than yourself. All your problems and secrets will be dealt properly only by yourself. For this, you've to believe yourselves strongly. Secondly, strongly believe that it is not a character of introvert-ism. You're creating a person of same frequency and discussing with him/her your critical issues. In the beginning, this may not work and may look weird, but as the days go by, this would certainly yield good results. Remember, your talk should be clear, logical and with truth. Your inner mind would respond to you promptly with unbelievable results. This is once again following your sub-conscious or inner mind at conscious level.

The potency of sub-consciousness mind is immeasurable. Cultivating the habit of increasing its awareness yields immense benefits.

Lead yourself

Listen to your inner voice. You might've observed more than 1 person within you. This does not mean that you're a dual personality. This shows that there's a potency within you that knows everything and in a subtle state. Raise it, listen to it, interact with it, get led by it. You would certainly see unimaginable success and clarity in your life.


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