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Tangled Up In Who?

Updated on August 12, 2014

Quantum Entanglement.

There is a theory in Quantum Mechanics known as Quantum Entanglement. The idea behind this theory postulates that two sub-atomic particles can be intrinsically linked. They can also remain in this bound state, surpassing all other obstacles, such as distance from one another in Space/Time. In layman's terms, two electrons could reside at opposite ends of the universe from one another, but still be connected.

This theory has been utilised in a rather wondrous way recently. Using Quantum Entanglement, scientists entangled two particles and measured their resistance, both through the friction between the particles and external observation. The measurement of this resistance was the creation of time itself. That's right, on a very small, fundamental level, scientists have been able to create time!

What those two particles and the time passing between them represents, is a universe on a minute, microcosmic scale. We are the external observers of this universe. This has implications on both a personal and spiritual level:

First, is the inference and possibility that our universe had an external observer of it's own at it's Genesis (sic). By what nature or method does this external observer operate? To classify it as some human level intelligence or appearance is erroneous, purely because we cannot quantify such an essence to our own timescale and minuscule size, should it be responsible for the universe and whatever lies beyond. This is why religion falls short, it is a collective close minded study of our race and our concerns, it is too narrow.

I am digressing from the main point however, how the first instance in this post connects with the second. An external observer of our universe, present at it's creation implies higher potential outside of existence, throughout the multiverse, and a possible source for this. However, consider that scientists were external observers of their entangled creation. This implies a connection with a deeper and older current of energy than our universe perhaps? It hints at abilities inherent in our minds and bodies that we are yet to unlock. This decade, especially the decade beyond, will herald wonders of the universe outside and ourselves internally. A journey unlike any we have ever known and remains within at this very moment. The 12th Dimension...

© Brad James, 2014.


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