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Tarantula Spiders

Updated on November 7, 2011

Tarantula Spider

Spiders are count as a huge part of animal kingdom this animals has very bad reputation in some countries because of their deadly venom.Tarantula is a spider family which carries the largest spiders in the world. The spider of Tarantula creates a scary reputation among the people because of their attacking behavior and very dangerous venom.The Tarantula family came from the family called Taranto which is a town of south Italy and according to the name of Taranto town the name Tarantula was given to the largest spider live in that town after the discovery of the town by the Europeans . The Tarantula spiders can only survive in the warm climate so they can also found all over the world accept Antarctica because of cold and tough climate .

Goliath Bird-Eater

Giant HuntsmanTarantula

As the spiders of the Tarantula family are very large compare to the other spider and also have very dense hair on their body that makes them very terrifying among the people .Goliath Bird-Eater is the largest spider in the Tarantula family and also the second largest spider in the world .

Giant Huntsman is the largest spider in the world according to the span of their of their legs and it was discovered in Victoria era.There are also huge spiders belong this family such as orange tree Tarantula , Red-kneed Tarantula.

Orange tree Tarantula and Red-kneed Tarantula

The Tarantula spider are long living spiders they can live almost 50 years and between 4 to 6 years they become mature. The Tarantula spider normally gives 150—250 eggs per year and the eggs become spider in few month.Tarantula spiders normally eat snakes, other spiders, small lizards and insects .


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