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Tarantula fangs and why you shouldn't cut them off

Updated on November 25, 2009

-Tarantula Fangs

So i was givin a G.Rosea from a friend a couple of weeks ago and well he/she was seriously dehydrated and he asked me to help him/her get better, I agreed to help ........ to my amazement his/her fangs had been sniped of and he told me this after 5 mins of being there ..

i wanted to just go crazy at him but i didn't due to if i did he would of took the tarantula back home with him so we left it as ill see what i can do ... his excuse for doing this "i didn't want her to bite me when i held her"

so i tried to hydrate the little guy and was having no joy so i asked for advice from a user on here by the name "Spiderspun" such a lovely lady and very very polite and concerned, she gave me some great advice and together we tried to hydrate the G.Rosea and hoped for an upcoming successful molt. unfortinatly after a day or 2 of both of us working on this little guy we lost him/her. It was a very sad day for both of us we tried our best to save him/her but we was not successful. I told the owner (my friend) and he was not in the slightest botherd by the fact his G.Rosea had passed away this of course angered me more which lead on to us argueing and so on we are no longer friends and have advised UK reptile stores not to sell him any T due to this reason and they have kept there word.

If you wish to start out in this hobby then please do so by all means but DON'T CUT/SNIP THE FANGS OFF like spiderspun said to me and i agree what she said was 110% true taking a tarantula's fangs away is like ripping our teeth out but the thing is we can survive with false teeth or live on soup tarantulas can't theres no such thing as false fangs nor is there such thing as soup for tarantulas. We cant eat solid food with gums don't kill them of by doing the same thing .

SO CUTTING OF IS A NO NO ... they use there fangs to eat by injecting digestive liquids into the pray which turns the solid food into a soup and then the tarantula uses the fangs to suck the food back through the fangs like using a straw ....... it can't eat mushed up food or anything like that the only way a tarantula or spider will eat is by this technique... The fangs are very important ..

So my point is here and any one would agree with this ...... By all means come into the hobby please do there great amazing and interesting little guys BUT you cut there fangs of or neglect these guys or any other reptile or animal then a few people will be very very very angry by this especially if there hobbyists you get caught then expect trouble and expect to never have any one sell you these again if your scared of getting bit by these fine i have no problem with this but it doesn't give you the right to snip the fangs of or neglect them .... This is not the first time this has happened in the hobby and wont be the last but believe me it aint looked upon nicely.

thanks for reading and please get into the hobby you wont regret this but just don't harm them they wont hurt you and if they do bite its because of you its your fault in the first place simple as .... Don't be afraid of these there little softys really even though they do have big fangs and are capable of biteing but still they don't want to hurt you they'll just defend for them selfs that's all

if any 1 has a general concern with there tarantula with issues of biteing, humidity, tempture, feeding and so on please don't hesitate to ask ill give you my answer and forward you to a couple of other people for a second opinion, If you wish not to ask me or talk to me about your concerns then please forward to the user "spiderspun" who is very helpful and kind and will help you like she has helped meĀ 

remember guys if it is a bite your worried about please say and ill explain why they bite and how to avoid it but the chances of getting bit by a G.Rosea or anything alike just aint going to happen

thanks again for reading and take care of your tarantulas and your selfs


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    • profile image

      NICK NITRO 13 months ago

      I know this article is old, but i have a tarantula that molted with no fangs regrowing. so i can understand and sympathized with what you're going through. i can't believe anyone would cut off their fangs. i'm very sorry you lost it. i've been dropper feeding it with cricket guts and watered down cricket food. The enzimes that liquify the food come from it's mouth not the fangs. So I have lots of confidence that this girl is going to make it through to molt again. Time will tell.

    • profile image

      Zargon4 3 years ago

      I realize that your comments are 4 years old, but they are as applicable now as ever. Weird trivia questions will pop into my head, and I wondered if people do cut the fangs off "pet" tarantulas. When I Googled my question, your answer popped up. It is quite educational. We've had tarantulas wild in our yard, and they usually seem so gentle. But I have a huge fear of spiders, and the only way I'd ever allow a tarantula in the house is if if couldn't bite me. Your answer solidifies that I am not the right person to have such a pet. Funny, I'm not afraid of non-venomous snakes, and would love to keep one, but that's been vetoed by other family members! Snakes can feel quite sensuous when they are crawling across your arm & neck :) Thanks again for your thoughtful, educational comments.

    • profile image

      Damo2135 8 years ago

      thanx lynda really is sad wish she did pull through i would of gave her a good home. and thanks for ya help really appriciate it your a diomand =]


    • spiderspun profile image

      spiderspun 8 years ago from Utopia, Ontario Canada

      That is sad the little spider didn't make it. I was hoping the spider would molt for you and start out fresh again with new fangs. In the actual mouth openings are straw like devices that after a cricket is fanged and venom injected to liquify the internal guts, then does straw like mouth parts suck up the guts. This is what is one of the amazing things are that tarantulas do.

      The Rose hair tarantula is one of the most docile tarantulas there are, and getting bitten is highly rare.

      Once again, I am sad to hear your little tarantula didn't make it.

      Lynda,, Spiderspun