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Teach, Your Dragon Well, or Be There Hell, With Squeeky Voices ...

Updated on April 4, 2010
Wake Up Children, Time For School !!!
Wake Up Children, Time For School !!!

Child Vikings Are Not Your Friends .....

All my longship mates with their mini-vikings in tow have invaded theaters everywhere in hopes of gaining a CGI lesson in "dragon training". Like all of the more successful Norse parents, they instinctively knew that a couple hours of their beloved little barbarian's eyes riveted to a screen of any size or content, would bring on the blessed relief a couple horns of mead does, without the unpleasant liver scarring. There is rumor among them of returning with these little minds of mushy herring to the dragon lesson session multiple times, not only to preserve mead and human livers, but to pass on an experience I share with these poor Norse parents. My own beloved Norsegod like parents believed my brother and I cared to live out our childhoods by having "father sir" and "mother dear" RELIVE their childhoods through us. Common yet seemingly unbeknown to good intentioned, child-addled adult vikings throughout history is the delusion that the little camp followers who live in your longhouse care or understand anything at all about you. Don't you realize you are considered loud, demanding, selfish, unreasonable two-legged bags of gold to these louder, more demanding, self centered, unreasonable two-legged alters of your misguided worship until that time, if ever, they tell YOU it is now otherwise ??? A childhood is ultimately best spent being taught the dragon hard lessons of loyalty, loyalty to family, GOD, country, and loyalty to as many of your Norse neighbors who would not be better served by keeping the furthest distance your spear and axe can seperate them from you. Loyalty will last a lifetime if sowed early, with love, and with lessons on the benefits of both for all parties involved. Loyalty will out battle love in a fair fight, but loyalty when paired with love is an invincible sword that cannot be defeated.

Look For The "Norse Necessities" .....

Having long since told my loved and loyal Norse upbringers "it is now otherwise", the calm sea upon which my longship is presently sailing gives the perspective needed to consider what those Nordic ancestors (once removed) must of had in their hopes and dreams as young, naively optimistic molders of the lutefisk scented clay my brother and I presented them. Life was as good as you could convince yourself it was, and "The best of times, the worst of times" were being carved into the runestone that is our family history. One of the great gifts all my Viking progenitors gave my brother and I was a lifetime appreciation of the movies. With no miniature electronic hand held devices to "black hole" the best years of my parent's youth, the greatest entertainment option one couldn't afford not to sneak into then as children was the movie theater. What little else can a poverty stained WW II era childhood give my parents to compete against these movie experiences turned memories in their life's war chest ???  My own childhood family was brought together from the bits and pieces of these war chests, to sit on untold occasions in the dark cathedral of Hollywood's output, fly-papered to many a sticky folding seat and munching on contraband candy, smuggled in to avoid the purchase of film house treats so dear they were most safely kept under glass. My own and I believe our family's very favorite film, judging by the sacks of silver spent to see it, was Disney's "The Jungle Book". I have no way to recall the sheer number of times we returned to the same theater over and over, pockets bulging with treats, to sing again the happy tunes sung by the perfectly real to us characters of that film, but it was often enough that I am still able to find the words to those tunes in that foul smelling bilge now crowding the same skull with my memory.

Love earned and learned, loyalty instilled and tested, I with my only brother had been offered the greatest alternative to our own lives money cannot purchase. We might have had our childhoods lived for us, or more accurately a second childhood lived through us, a swift turn on the merry-go-round of living's hardships, without the tears, the cuts and bruises that are the seeds from which strength and wisdom to survive adulthood blossom. God bless our parents and all parents everywhere from all times for offering this shield and helmet to their children. My brother and I chose to take as much of our parents wisdom and experience as we could stand and could carry, then board ship on our own adventures into unknown waters in that unique, leaky smelly open longship we are all given as our own lives to live. };>{>


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      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      excellent hub thanks happy easter