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Teachers - What a teacher must know about their student.

Updated on March 18, 2015
Its your class. Make it fun!
Its your class. Make it fun!

Making class fun!

Lets face facts.

Teachers: You get paid to do what, attend class and teach correct? So your priority is to attend class and make sure you complete the syllabus before the term ends right? And the usual plan is to barge into class saying "Take out your books, lets learn!". That's the plan right? Everything should go perfectly fine throughout the term right? All students will listen and understand to what you teach because you're qualified right? Bla bla bla...No one(Except the principle) care's about your qualifications in class. All the kids care about is if you can teach them what's right in a manner they would love to learn. Face it teachers, when you walk into class you usually feel like "Oh boy, its going to be a boring day..". So do the students. Here you will find out a few steps to take which should make class fun for both, students and teachers.

Step one: Greetings.

How you greet the students, is what will reflect through out the class. Make it more existing rather than just a boring "Morning class, pull out your books." you could try something like "Hello class! Today seems like a splendid day to study (Insert name of lesson here)". Make sure your voice seems energetic and excited so they would move with the flow as well.

Step two: Teaching method.

During session make sure you're not teaching as if you're reading a book. This will make the children sleep. Literally. Always learn to change the tone of your voice, produce funny expressions on your face, hand gestures, sound expressions(Use words like "Ka-Boom!" instead of explosion). You're going to want to make the lesson as funny as possible but also repetitive. For example: "What's 9+10? 19, not 21! Its 19! What's 9+10? 19." Repeat your question and answer twice while having the joke in it, so the first time you say it, it appears to them as a joke, but the second time you say it, it goes to their head as an answer.

Step three: Class session checks.

After a while of teaching, all of a sudden bring up a random question directed to the whole class. For example "What's two plus two?". If some bright student answers it motivate the class to answer fast like him even though its off topic. This will get the student's attention and make sure they're listening to you or you can find out if they're doing something else.

Step four: Story time

Nearing the end towards the session always make sure you make time for a story. At least five minutes. This story must be interesting and completely off topic unless the story is capable of staying on topic as well as making the class laugh. Talk about some of the funny moments that happened to you or ask one of the students in class to tell the rest an incident. This will prove tot he kids that you're more than "Just a teacher"

Step five: Greetings.

Before you leave, make sure you greet the kids, and make sure to crack a joke before you leave. You have to be as energetic as you greet them at the beginning in class. You could go off with "Good afternoon class. I'll be off now, I excuse you from your world of pain now. Haha."

Basically that's a few steps that I see would be fit for teachers to execute. If you're a student then I suggest you forward this to your teacher from an anonymous email account if you think this method would be effective and enjoyable. As for the teachers please let me know if this helped. Your feed back is greatly appreciated.

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