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Teachers, Be In Full Control!

Updated on February 18, 2016

Who controls the relationship Teacher-Student?

As teachers,our relationship with our students in the classroom and in the school is controlled by us, adults! Yes this must be a shocker! But the truth of the matter is, the students respond to our actions. Here are a few reasons why.

What is a child?

Children are just that, children. The Collins English Dictionary defines "child" as a boy or girl between birth and puberty.

Puberty, according to MacMillan dictionary is the stage of development when a child changes physically into adulthood. He or she is not an adult yet. This means they are moldable, they are looking to be inspired and take on the models and examples that they often come into contact with. At this stage they can be literally called chameleons.

Whatever A Man Sows, that he will also Reap.

At this stage of their development,if we treat them like little prisoners, they will live up to our expectations. If we treat them like little devils, they will rise to that as well. If we treat them like a desperate and lost cause, that too we will get back.

On the contrary if we dignify them, and treat that like geniuses, little brains in formation and transition, this we will get in return.

Our mood, tone, body language, words said or not said, DICTATE how our students will respond to us.

Here comes the Law of Attraction!

Someone might say: "I disagree with you, these kids are utterly bad." Well if that is how you see them, then they will meet that expectation. It is not a matter of I like it or not. It is rather a matter of accept it or leave. It is a matter of major paradigm shift as Bob Proctor will call it. This is a Law as in "something, such as an order or a dictum, having absolute or unquestioned authority."American Heritage Dictionary). This one is called the Law of attraction . It works every time independently of whether we understand it, agree with it, or disagree with it, IT JUST WORKS. It works like electricity, and gravity. The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.(Wikipedia). What we put out MUST return to us.

What is your choice?

Which one is easier anyway? You being IN FULL CONTROL and setting the mood AND AMBIANCE thermostat in the classroom, or you BEING CONTROLLED AND IMPOSED the mood thermostat in the classroom.

I will suggest you be the one controlling. The controlling force, the force for change, the molder, the impactor.

En plus, the reality is that when little Johnny is being crazily silly and you ask him why, and he said he does not have a clue about what is going on; when he utters these famous words: I duhno", he means it! His behavior is not targeted at you! His brain is still forming! Sometimes we just just have to relax, distress, and laugh! After all this is our profession! It is a serious one but we ought not to be TOO SERIOUS!


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