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Teaching Technique-Call and Response

Updated on June 23, 2009

Teaching tips

 Teaching Technique-Call and Response
This is not a NEW Idea. But I have not seen it used in Public Schools. It worked marvelously

for me. I encourage all teachers to give it a try. It Works!

First a little history of the concept.
You have probably seen (on TV) an army group marching, whereas the leader calls out a verbal

command and the entire group responds with some verbal reply.
You have seen a football and/or a basketball team get in a circle, put their hands together

and the leader says “on three”, “Lets win” 1, 2, 3” and then entire group screams “let’s

If you have ever had the opportunity to go to an all black church, you may have heard the

preacher say “Let the Church say Amen”, and the entire congregation say “AMEN”. The preacher

sometimes will say “Y’all  don’t hear me!” , in this case he is soliciting a response. In

some cases he’s looking  “Preach mister Preach”.

Here is the call and response I used in my classroom.
I would scream “what are we hear for!”
They would reply “TO LEARN”
Teacher: “How are we going to that?”
The Class: “En-Thu- Si-As-Ti-Cally”
Teacher: “Who Loves ya”
The Class: “You DO”
Teacher: How do you know?
The Class: You told us so
Teacher: Could I be lying?
The Class: NO WAY
Teacher: When are we going to learn?
The Class: To DAY

This daily exercise CHANGED EVERYTHING.
It changed the class into a TEAM. It became A Learning TEAM.
Like a football or basketball team, we became a learning team.

Preachers use call and response quite often. Teaching in today’s public school takes a really

dedicated, inspired person. (one who views educating children as a type of ministry.)

Our Military uses call and response.
Sports Teams use call and response
Churches use call and response

I used call and response
I won a distinguished teacher award.

So why not you.  It works


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