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Teaching: The True Art of Patience

Updated on August 2, 2011

Teaching can be a rewarding experience. It is a way to inspire young minds, and encourage thinking. A teacher's main asset is patience. A good teacher must remain patient with his or her students at all times. However, that doesn't mean the teacher should let the students get away with whatever they want to. Discipline and fairness must be used as well. A teacher with these qualities is able to understand his or her students and know how to help them succeed. A teacher with little or no patience can easily give up on a troublesome student as a way to avoid the problem. However, in doing this, the main goal of the teacher is lost. If the teacher cannot help his or her students, or cannot present the class material in a way that the students are able to understand, then that person is not well qualified to be a teacher. Only one who possesses the qualities explained above is capable of effectively imparting knowledge upon those who wish to learn it. As a martial arts instructor for a local elementary school that I once attended in my youth, I have taught many promising students the values and principles of my craft. It is a constant struggle to maintain patience during class, as grade school children can be easily distracted, but I always maintain it in order to effectively teach my students. A good teacher will always have a lasting impression on even the most difficult of students, and the fact that they will retain that knowledge is reward itself.


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    • jameschan6 profile image

      James W.K. Chan 4 years ago from 2014 Naudain Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA

      Consulting is similar to teaching. Advising adults is no different from teaching children. People, especially Americans, detest the word 'patience.' The hardest mental discipline of the teacher is not to be upset when our message is not getting through. And to scold your "student" for being a "blockhead" is even worse -- but often tempting to do. A good teacher, like a good manager, requires the right temperament.

    • profile image

      Papi 5 years ago

      I like this article, and the comments. I always wanted the same patience my grandmother had her whole life. That's probably the reason she lived to be 90 and a full time smoker at that. I myself can be some what impatient at the age of 32 i want to change that due to the fact that i am a teacher for my son, and also want to be happy in life.

    • profile image

      Stella 7 years ago

      Sometimes people who are not patient, lose something before they get that thing. To be able to wait enough time, it’s an art. Most of us give up on something, just because we don’t have enough patience. Patience is essential because it gives us self-control, helps us be more loving, and achieve what we want.

      I also wrote an article about the The Art Of Patience

    • profile image

      pallavi 7 years ago

      A handfull of patience is better than hand full of brian, since the teacher needs to attend many students & many problems; patience is essential.

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 8 years ago

      Having patience and modeling patience is conducive to the students learning its value as well........... great hub

    • profile image

      esther 9 years ago

      the meaning of patience should be undrestood by the teachers.

    • DEBASIS profile image

      DEBASIS 10 years ago from bhubaneswar

      You are right PATIENCE plays an important role in each and every step of human life.