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Teachings and Wisdom From Our Off-Planet Elders-Let the Doors Be Opened

Updated on October 20, 2011

Have you ever seen an angel or had an angelic visitation? I did and it changed my life. Have you ever had other worldly visitors, been befriended by the little people, or benevolent ETs? I have had many such experiences from these helpers as I like to call them. They have shown me that there is more to us than our personality and ego and taught me that we are so much more than our despair, doubts, fears, and limitations.

The cosmos can literally become our playground when we connect with our higher self and make contact with our star family. Everyone has this capability. It is our gift and birthright from Creator Source along with the knowledge deep within our soul that can answer our every question. We can know our purpose for being here and what we have to do. We can be set on the right path and be relieved of our human burdens as light is shed upon life's deeper meanings.

As a matter of fact, one of our reasons for being here on the earth is to accomplish that often very challenging feat. I am very happy to say that these extraordinary, unusual experiences have completely transformed my life and taken away much of the loneliness that plagued me for so many years. I have learned that we are never alone. I invite you to meet some of my friends and teachers from this world, as well as some from other dimensions and worlds.

I am honored to have made their acquaintance and to be able to partake of their love and energy. I thank them one and all for their gifts, the profound knowledge they shared and their messages of hope and truth. They filled me with love and passion. With each contact I experienced profound respect for the sacredness, diversity, uniqueness, and beauty of all people and all life. They taught me to value and appreciate humor, the quest for ancient knowledge, and the seeking of answers for the mysteries that life presents to us. May their stories, lessons and teachings enrich, empower, and fill you with awe, wonder, hope, and a greater sense of purpose as they have me.

I was inspired to share some of my paranormal and other worldly experiences after reading Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe books. Her books brought me much comfort and companionship because I had had many paranormal and psychic experiences over the years. Unfortunately, I blocked most of them out of my conscious mind because they challenged my normal way of thinking and frightened me. Reading Dolores' books filled me with deep soul recognition, inspiration, nostalgia, and a sense of coming home.

One day my guide Dresda said, “Michael, there are many wonderful books which are helping people to awaken to their deeper knowing. They are reminding them that they have access to the all-knowing. You have access to the all-knowing as well. There is much knowledge and information deep inside you that needs to be brought forth to the light of day and shared.”

Then I knew what I had to do. I could no longer remain in the metaphysical closet. I had to share my stories and experiences. A few were on tape, and I transcribed the tapes. Others I had written in notebooks. Still others were buried in my subconscious mind.

Hypnosis and regressions verify that the subconscious mind has access to most, if not, all knowledge. I have been hypnotized, as well as regressed, several times. Some of those experiences are included in this book. I was also trained by my teacher, Mary, many years ago to put myself into a type of trance where I can step through time and relive and retrieve my experiences that are not recorded or written down. This thought filled me with so much joy. It was like I had been a half person for so many years. Now, I was going to become a whole person again as I reacquainted myself with my subconscious. So many new doors would be opened to deeper and heightened levels of perception. During these times of heightened perceptions, portals would manifest in and outside of dream time, creating gateways to other dimensions and worlds. This would allow many advanced wise beings to come to me, as well as take me on spirit journeys for profound teachings and adventures.

After becoming a professional psychic in 1985, I was to learn that my guides were not done with me. I spent a lot of time in meditation, and soon my perceptions began to stretch even more. I began receiving visits from a number of other worldly beings from other dimensions and parallel universes. I had an encounter with a future self. One day I channeled some ancient beings who called themselves the serpent people. They spoke in deep guttural tones and said that they were pre-Egyptian. Channelings of other ETs followed. I confess that for a time I thought I was losing my mind. I did not speak of these experiences with my psychic friends, for none of them were involved with anything like that. They would have thought that these new endeavors were just too far out for them.

My psychic work now seemed normal and mundane compared to the new experiences and information coming in. Finally, it all became too overwhelming. I did have one person to confide in who also acted as my battery when I channeled. I wasn't sure what all was going on or what I was really tapping into. I had no framework into which I could place these unusual experiences, and I did not understand how I could be receptive to so many different energies and beings from so many places. It was like I had a direct hotline to the cosmos and could virtually contact endless beings. Unless it was a prearranged channeling, I never knew who would be coming to talk or what they would be talking about. Many beings would come for one visit, never to return. Others would return or show up if requested. They all came in the white light and expressed love, compassion, and a desire to be of service. I was always deeply impressed and moved after such encounters, and I came away with answers to questions and much beneficial enlightening information. I was very empowered by their showering of light, love, and blessings. After channeling these loving wise beings, I would be energized for days or weeks at a time.

Many channels are content to channel one entity or being. Jane Roberts channeled Seth and wrote the Seth books. JachPursel channeled Lazaris. J.Z. Knight channeled Ramtha. Lee Carroll channeled the Kryon books. One entity would provide enough information to fill several books. How was it that I could hear from so many beings? What is the purpose? I had considered being hypnotized and having my subconscious answer those questions, but I think I was afraid of what I might be told.

I wonder how many people are having their own profound spiritual experiences, visions, and dreams in the daytime without the need to be put under by a hypnotherapist or regressionist? I wonder how many people who are opening up to other realms and dimensions then become confused or frightened and close the door to further experiences? And how many more are coming out of the metaphysical closet and embracing metaphysics and the paranormal as we move into the new era? The numbers are growing, and more stories are coming forth. What a delight it is to hear and to share stories with our soul family.

My spiritual teacher, Mary, told me many years ago, “Michael, I am going to teach you how to achieve altered states via a type of conscious trance you can enter at will. This will enable you to access information not available to the ordinary conscious mind. You will be able to recall your early psychic experiences and much more.”

We accomplished this by meditation and various psychic mind-expanding and perceptual-shifting exercises.

I am no longer frightened or haunted by all of the visitors I have had over the years. They imparted so much wisdom and knowledge to me. They taught me that we are never alone and that the call for help always compels the response. My life is a living testimony that almost anyone can overcome childhood abuse and achieve happiness and success. My visitors and teachers showed me that there is so much more to us than we can begin to fathom or scarcely imagine. There is so much more to the soul and psyche and so much information inside us that we can tap to learn more about who we truly are and our marvelous potential. There are many ways to access that unlimited information: hypnosis, channeling, creative and automatic writing, art, music, meditation, dream interpretation, etc.

We are connected to all life, to each other, to our space brothers and sisters, and to beings on countless realms, universes, and dimensions. Not only is such contact possible, it is taking place more frequently as we ascend to higher consciousness and move to a new age. May the sense of being alone that accounts for so much loneliness and alienation be replaced by a sense of all-one, for that is truly who we are. We are each part of the All One—the Great All That Is.

Most of my life I have been aware and attuned to the other world as I refer to the realm of the psychic and the paranormal. A psychologist or psychiatrist might say that due to a troubled childhood and my need to escape the terrible goings on at home that I retreated into my inner world and fabricated all of the beings and spirits that I made contact with. I admit that my hostile and dysfunctional outer world living circumstances could contribute to my seeking inner relief and solace, but it was not imaginary realms that I began to explore. Instead, I believe that I came into this lifetime with an innate ability to step through portals to other realms. It is just how I'm built. I've done it most of my life. Not having an easy home life just made it easier and gave me more motivation to tap into the spiritual and other worldly realms.

During those lonely years of my childhood and many of my adult years, my other worldly friends proved to me that we are never alone. No matter how dark the night of the soul may be or how lost, abandoned, or desperate we may feel, there are angels and many other celestial and other worldly beings always watching over us. Our call compels their loving response. Without my faith in God, angels, my guides and the precious other worldly visitors, I could not have survived all the terrible things going on around me. They have befriended me for many years and have promised to continue to do so for the duration of this lifetime.

Why do I speak these words confidently? Because I know that things are never as they appear. There is meaning and purpose to our lives even when we are not aware of it. Obstacles often occur in order to wake us and shake us up so that we may enter the vast and grand domains of the soul, spirit, our subconscious, and even the universal collective unconscious mind that Jung speaks of which connects us to everyone and everything. Within our soul and being exist the knowledge, wisdom, strength and resources to liberate us.

At the age of thirteen, I was blessed with an angelic visitation in the back yard. A beautiful radiant angel predicted that I would get away from the horrible life at home. I would attend college and help many people with my gifts and knowledge. That angelic visitation story is told in the introduction of my book Halfway to Heaven. I weep tears of joy every time I think about the precious angel who visited me so many years ago, and I weep tears of sorrow for every soul who feels abandoned and alone.

I pray that the sorrowful ones will discover the ray of hope that glimmers in their soul. For as the gospel song “Pass It On” goes, “It only takes a spark to get a fire a going.” Reaching out for help will begin the healing process, for the call truly compels the response. beloved Jesus the Christ (Lord Sananda) stated that “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” The other worldly beings inhabit some of these mansions.

As the old saying goes, “The sky is the limit.”

Let us remember this and constantly reach out more and dream bigger. My motto is Dare to dream because dreams come true. It is time to share my other stories. If one person can relate to and derive some satisfaction and comfort from my book, then I have served my purpose in writing it.

from Michael's new metaphysical book, God's Many Mansions

Available on 


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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      I am sorry I was not there for you in your moment of need with no money. I am not infallible by any means and used to be more insecure than I am now. A lot of people took advantage of me and I may have become a little too business like. It's not always easy juggling all of this. You are a highly creative beautiful soul with much to offer due to all you have been through. Have you thought about writing and getting your story published?

      Yes, I know all about the hearing of voices, divine and some not divine which I had to have some help clearing. As our light brightens, the darkness is drawn to our light and there can be some soul battles and so forth. I honor your path and all you have been through. You have grown so much and healed so much and there is YET more to grow and heal. The same goes for me. I love that commment from the book ILLUSIONS by Richard Bach "We teach best what we need to learn most."

      I find that to be very true. All you have been through has made you stronger and a wiser more compassionate human being. For that reason I do not regret my horrible childhood and the lonely foster home years etc. Like Helen Reddy sings in I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR, who I had the pleasure of meeting two years ago at my publisher's conference,

      YES, I AM WISE BUT IT'S WISDOM BORNE OF PAIN. YES I PAID THE PRICE BUT LOOK AT WHAT I GAINED. That is you, kind soul, and that is me. Love and blessings sent to you and buckets of prosperity, artistic, writing success too. I too am finding my voice again, inner and outer. After 37 years, I'm taking opera voice lessons and my singing voice is coming along well after years of being so emotionally scarred and blocked which blocked my singing voice. SING TO THE STARS and THE STAR BEINGS, and YOUR OWN SOUL on the wings of hope, faith and love.

    • Karmaharley31 profile image


      7 years ago from Yuma

      Hey There again....

      I get what you are saying to a certain extent because I am one of those people that have payed for your services along with my mother and aunt. I have been to you psychic fair as well when I was younger too with my partner and without when I was really younger so I have known you for quite some time now. I don't know if you actually remember me and my family but we do you and your reading were worth while but when I sincerely came to you in need of some very confusing things that were going on inside of me at the time as a friend and a friend of the family you told me to pay and we had no money. I had been to conselor to conselor and was trying to do it myself but still no answers and even today still no answers but the fact that I can now sing and have my new found inner voice that told me who it was. I am not one of those people who go to psychic to psychic. I went to the church looking for answers then so by doing that I realized that I doubted me and my knowing of who I really was inside which is me Jessica and the core of my eternal being. I have always believed in God and Jesus and all but so much more and to me this was always a knowing and never thought that I would be cast to hell for being true to who I really am inside as a loving eternal being. This is all the stuff I was going through besides the fact of hearing voices and identity issues. I am holding me through this storm but love to have a like friend by my side with an unbias opinion in the matter. I think you do great and I am not judging you because to judge you I would be judging myself. Thank you for the kind words and may your love light always shine above love and beyond the universe into the very core of your being. Jessica Out

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      Hello. Thank you for your comments. I understand what you are saying. I am compelled to be of service to humanity. Although I used to be able to work as a French teacher, and other corporate, service jobs, as I developed more artistically and spiritually, my energy greatly shifted to the point that now my sensitive temperament can no longer 'deal' with the corporate or normal world with a normal job. I simply cannot be around certain places or I become dizzy and disoriented. I need quiet, solitude and nature and I work from home in my special spiritual peaceful sanctuary I have created that works for me.

      I charge, what I feel are reasonable fees, so I can eat and keep body and soul together. If I get to where I can live off of light and prana essence, and don't need to eat, I will give everybody FREE PSYCHIC READINGS, CHANNELINGS, HEALINGS etc. I do offer free readings when I feel led, but I exercise discernement and caution as there are a fair amount of psychic junkies out there who go from one psychic to another for their free readings. There are also psychic parasites who like to feed off and steal energy. Those people can be real drainers.

      There is also the other side of the coin being that 'we get what we pay for.' I have no objections to paying for quality services, clothing, food etc. Many of my clients have told me they value my services and want to pay me. They thank me for doing what I do. I am not a fortune teller, psychic who is superficial. I am a SOUL READER. I see beyond the mundane levels and go to the spiritual side and I pray to make contact with the soul and higher self of my clients and to be given information, predictions, hope that empower and uplift them. I do not tell people just what they want to hear and I do not sugar coat. By the same notion, I am very compassionate and sincerely endeavor to help. I have 28 positive reviews on my website of people who paid me and were happy about their readings. If you visit and click the top link on the home page you will be taken to my reviews on

      Although I make money off of my books, I also donate free writing. I've written some 111 hubs without a penny in return and do not expect it. I hope that my hubs offer knowledge, practical spiritual information, depth, hope, etc. And yes, humor too. I spent 4 hours this morning (after my guides woke me up) writing my hub, CONTACT WITH SPIRIT, GUIDES AND ANGELS IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT. I did this as an act of love because I'm very disturbed with the amount of gay teen suicides of loving beautiful souls who only wish to be accepted and loved who are being bullied to the point that some are taking their own lives out of desperation and despair.

      Being in contact with many beings, guides, and spirits from many places, dimensions, (who all come in love and the white light) I am no longer alone like I used to be, and I want to help remind others that they are not alone either. I think of beloved boddhisatva, KUAN YIN, when I get sad and long for my star home. She is staying behind to help humanity ascend before she merges into oneness with Creator Source, and reposes in the arms of Nirvana. Those of us here with gifts, knowledge etc. can be of service to ailing lost souls. Everyone must decide for them self whether to charge money or not. When my SHIP COMES IN and I make big bucks off my bucks, maybe I'll just do READINGS FOR FREE? Blessings to you, Namaste, I salute your inner light.

    • Karmaharley31 profile image


      7 years ago from Yuma

      Hi There,

      I have this knowing as well within me and want to help people but also deep within this knowing I find it hard to charge people with a gift... If you have one or a secret that God wants you to share or give onto others then why put a value to it? There is no value to helping because it comes from the inside out and this is what life is all about my friend helping others and being of great service when one is in need... Why put a price take on this? Why not just give without expecting anything in return except for the passion of what you are doing to help the whole of humanity.... Deep within us we all know we have this internal calling but I am not that type of person to put a price on the answers from the divine... It is a choice to do good will and God will always provide us with a place to eat, live, and all those things. Love to all and to all a great and prosper day. Jessica and Family and I do not mean anything by this letter but my own personal feelings on the matter provided by my own individual experience here in the now with my own intuition and God. Thank you very much for taking your time to listen to me. Light to you and yours and many.. Jess

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      Hey Sherri, Thank you. I thought I was going crazy when I wrote MORNING COFFEE WITH GOD in 2005. I mean to claim to talk to the head honcho Mr. Divine himself, and then to have him/her talk back and answer my deepest questions, with compassion, depth and great humor. Then Ozark Mt. Publishing accepted it. Dolores Cannon CEO liked it and published it. Then SPIRIT TALKS again and I'm to tell other stories and share profound, provocative, yes, humor included, in yet another book about my angel, other-worldly teachers, off planet Elders. I truly doubted my sanity. And then as things happen for a reason, when they are supposed to. I meet Dolores Cannon, and your wonderful self and hear your great talk on WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY BOOk. AND I read Dolores CONVOLUTED UNIVERSE and I cry in joyous soul recognition that others out there have had similar experiences, and via a dream portal in my case, these other worldly friendly ET's Star Family wanted me to share teachings. When I read Convoluted Universe III, I knew I had to write GOD'S MANY MANSIONS and share my 'truth' stories for those drawn to them. And now I am writing yet a sequel HEAVEN'S GATES OPEN, which will be around 500 pages, and then HALFWAY TO HEAVEN redone, MEMORIES OF ATLANTIS TRILOGY: Dreams-PORTALS TO THE SOUL, HEALED BY LOVE. BE LOVE NOW. I think I need a drink on the house, lol, for the spirits are ever nigh, and so much love, depth, passion that I weep in joy and sorrow for those who feel lost, alone, misunderstood. So like you, kind sweet soul, I write and do what I can to get the books promoted. Thanks for believing in me when I was scared to give my talk at the Transformation COnference on Morning Coffee With God. Wish I had been there more for you. That is over. I am here now for you, my friend. hugs, love and light, michael

    • Sherri Cortland profile image

      Sherri Cortland 

      7 years ago

      Hi Michael! There is no doubt in my mind that this hub is going to help many, many people. This is a hard thing to talk about and all I can say is THANK YOU for writing this article.

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      Thank you. I stifled my visions, thoughts and dreams for years. It was killing my soul. Now, I speak my truth/visions. Those who are drawn to them shall find them. Equally I respect everyone' else's beliefs journey and path to self, enlightenment, happiness, etc. Peace and blessings to you, michael

    • Kadmiels profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      interesting thought process i must say


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