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Team work in project

Updated on October 11, 2010

In Finland we are, especially foreign students are experiencing very much practical oriented studies. Team work in project is one of the most practical oriented courses I have participated yet. This course is very much unique because of its importance and learning and working style. As a human being we like to live a social life with our friends, family and other people. We depend on each other to fulfill our needs and requirement because we are unable to fulfill it alone. Everything that we do and the things that we do are all connected with people. We live because of people, we work with people, we work for people and we could say that we depend of people. That's why in a project the most important things are the team. So it's all about the people you work with.

I have participated in several team meetings and projects. I can describe some of them in brief. A successful project needs a good plan and management. We had successfully arranged flea market, it was actually my first experience to arrange something with a team. We had some team meetings before organize it, and undoubtedly it was a bit successful project.

Then Graduation ceremony work also one of my important teamwork, it was a great challenge to us, because it was a formal happening of school, this kind of work is never easy, but it was very successful and nice ceremony than we expected. We learn how to arrange this kind of formal program from this project

We help Fur department when they move to new place. It was a difficult but tricky group work with some of my friend in a small group of 4 peoples. Some stuff from fur department also helps us. It was 5 hours team work.

And at the last I can say about winter sports. We arranged different kinds of winter sports like walk on ice, snow football, skiing etc. I was in charge to lead the event walk on ice, our teacher gives us instruction and maps. We find out the project area and cover our group work.

From this several team work I learn some very important attitude and behavior that is very much needed in our practical life. For instance I can say about team meeting, I learn how to respect other feelings and thinking from meeting, how to plan, how to manage team members, leadership, attitude to the team members from different position like general member & leader, time management, skill development, team spirit. The most important thing is that we learn from each other, how to pick best result avoiding drawbacks. I hope and hardly believe that this experience will help me in real life and career, cop with difficulties, and make out best in every single step.


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      djjohn 7 years ago

      Very nice hub, like it. :)