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Latest technical interview questions with answers

Updated on July 2, 2010

mostly asked tech questions

2:- Electronics Questions.

1. When the temperature of the room increased then the energy of semiconductor…

2. Power diode is generally made from: - Silicon/Germanium/Both/None of these

3. Thermionic Emission of electron is due to………….

4. When the both junction of NPN diode is reverse biased, then the diode is in which mode: -
a) Active b) Cutoff c) Saturation d) inverted

5. Which transistor mode gives the inverted output: -
a) Common Emitter b) Common Base c) Common Collector d) None of these

6. Which coupling gives the higher gain in case of amplifier -
a) Capacitor coupling b) Impedance coupling c) transformer coupling

7. Which distortion is least objectionable in audio amplification: -
a) Phase b) Frequency c) Harmonic d) intermedition

8. A narrowband amplifier has a band pass nearly…………of central frequency:-
a) 33.3% b) 10% c) 50%

9. Frequency of wein bridge oscillator

10. Phase shift oscillator consists: -
a) RL b) RC c) RLC

11. crystal oscillator frequency is very stable due to:-

12. Multivibrater Produces: -
a) Sine wave b) Square wave c) Smooth wave d) sawtooth

13. Convert the 101101 Binary number into octal no: -
a) 65 b) 55 c) 51 d) 45

14. 10 in BCD: -
a) 10100 b) 1100 c) 010111 d) None of these

15. Which PNP device has a terminal for synchronizing purpose:-
a) SCS b) Triac c) Diac d) SUS

16. In 3-Phase full converter, the output during overlap is equal to……………..

17. Addition of indium in semiconductor crystal makes: -
a) PNP b) NPN

18. Free electron exists in which band: -
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) Conduction band

19. Ripple factor of half wave rectifier: -
a) 1.21 b) 0.48 c) 0.5

20. Efficiency of half wave rectifier: -

21. Transistor that can be used in enhancement mode:-

21. Following contributes to harmonic distortion in Amplifier: -
a) +Ve feedback b) –Ve feedback c) Defective active device

22. High cutoff frequency: -
a) CB b) CC c) CE

23. Which is used as data selector?
a) Encoder b) Decoder c) modulator d) Demodulator

24. Read write capable memory: -
a) RAM b) ROM c) Both d) None of these

25. When modulation frequency is doubled, modulation index also doubled in case of: -
a) FM b) PM c) AM d) PM & FM

26. Term ’Noise temperature’ is used for

27. Video detector used in TV receiver is a….
a) Diode detector b) Ratio detector c) Phase detector

28. Which isn’t directly operated from mains: -
a) Half wave rectifier b) Centre tap rectifier c) Bridge rectifier d) Voltage doubler

29. In 3-Phase half wave rectifier each diode conducts for duration of: -
a) 30 Degree b) 45 Degree c) 60 Degree d) 180 Degree

30. If number of phase in a multiphase rectifier increased then: -
a) Output increased b) Output decreased c) Output smooth d) No change

31. Which output requires minimum filtration: -
a) Half wave rectifier b) full wave c) SCR half wave rectifier d) Voltage doubler

32. Identify the under circuit
a) Low pass filter b) High pass filter c) Band pass filter

33. Transistor is a following operated device: -
a) Low voltage & low current device
b) Low voltage & high current device
c) Low current & high voltage device
d) High current & high voltage device

1) rms value of AC current is equal to main current at an angle ?

a) 60 b) 45 c) 30 d) 90

2) Corona produce in two transmission line if ?

a) When both placed closed b) When both placed widely

c) Potential difference is very high d) I did’t remembered

3) Diac is equall to ?

a) Two diode and two resister b) Trice with two gate

c) Two thyristor connect in antiparallel d)Four layer pnpn scr

4) In the Economic transmission point of view Kelvin,s gives ?

A) Voltage drop at feeder b) transmission losses

Two more option I did’t remember.

5) The essential condition for using servomotor for high torque at all?

a) load b) speed

c) voltage d) power

6) If torque of induction motor is 200n-m at slip 12%. Wht is the value of torque at slip 6%.....?

a) 60n-m b) 40

c) 100 n-m d) 150

7) If speed of induction motor at full load is 950rpm then wht is the speed at half load ?

a) 1000 rpm b) 975

Two option I forget……

8) Find the value of ∫│cost +1/2│dt where limit is 0 to ∏/2?

Option I did’t remerm

9) Wht is the slope of –x3+ 6x2+ 2x+1=0?

Option I did’t remerm

10) For the purpose of constant speed we use?

a) Brushless dc motor b) stepper motor

c) shaded pole motor d) sync motor

11) Essential condition for parallel operation of 1phase transfprmer?

a) Rating b) Polarity

c) Impedance d) Voltage

12) Some of G.K. question

About placed of shriharikota space center.

13) Who did give the name of AL?

14) World literacy day?

15) World environment day?

16) If two heaters of 100W & 110 volt other are 150W & 110 volt connect in series with 220v ac source then what is the total power?

17) What is the GDP rate of india in 2005-06?

18) What is the % rate of production of AL in India?

a) 10 b) 20

c) 7 d) 14

19) One passes which have 4Qs

20) Some fill in blanks

21) One Q about the find the % of fifth harmonics in a current wave equation.

22) 4pole 3phase 50 htz induction motor running at 1460 rpm. Wht is the speed of running slip wrt to rotor?

23) Find the new kva rating of transformer which hav 220 kva, 1watt iron loss and 2watt cu loss?

24) Hay’s bridge used for the measurement of?

25) In R-L-C parallel resonant circuit

a) Impedance is max. b) resistance is min

two more options I did’t remember

26) Two bulb 100w & 50w respectively with constant resistances connect in series with 220v dc source then wht is the value of voltage across first bulb?

27) AC ammeter used for measurement in

a) Pmmc b) induction meter

c) Dynamometer d) moving iron type meter

28) For ac current we use?

Same option

29) we preferred V-V connection over T-T connection why?

30) Suspension type insulator is used when?

a) high voltage b) low voltage

c) oscillating voltage d) steady voltage

1.Range of TIL logic supply or digital supply
a.0-5 V b.-12-+12 V c.2-8 V

2.power diodes are basically
a.silicon b.Ge c.none d.all above

3.LED emits light when
a.forward bias

4.Solar cells are
a.photconductive b.voltaic cell

5.Which transmission is analog
a.PCM b.PAM c.FM

6.Which language generates bytecodes
a.C++ b.JAVA c.VB d.None

7.Antenna is
a.transformer b.refelector c.Ampifier

8.Conductivity in photodiodes due to
a.GaAs b.PbS c.CdS

9.Which oscillator produces 1MHz frequency
a.collpits b.Rcphaseshift cWeinbridge d.None

10.Microwave consists of which band

11.Which is fastest switching device

12.Which kinds of devices are BJT &JFET
a.JFET is unipolar and BJT uniploar
b.JFET is bipolar and BJT uniploar
c.JFET is unipolar and BJT biploar
d.JFET is bipolar and BJT biploar


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      yes its really usefull for us but where is the answers will u provide us?

    • profile image

      Partha pratim Nandi 

      5 years ago

      Good questions...I need more questions on electronics and communication..and I also need the answers of the questions..

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      cse question also

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      with out answer what is the use of the question?

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      5 years ago


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      5 years ago


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      6 years ago

      answer plz

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      6 years ago

      answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers answers

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      6 years ago

      the questions which u uploaded very useful. plz send upload answers also.

    • profile image

      rupom KAR 

      6 years ago


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      6 years ago

      if anybody ia having ans plz send in to

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      6 years ago

      answer plz sir

    • profile image

      jai shree bagla 

      6 years ago

      answer plzzzz......

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      6 years ago

      if anybody is having the answers please share and send in

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      6 years ago

      Pls give the answer of all question

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      6 years ago

      ...whrs d ans...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      where is answers

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      we didn't found answers to your questions , so also post answers too..........

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      its very useful to me..but i want answers also...

    • TroyM profile image


      8 years ago

      Neat! How'd you compile this? Just interesting to note :)

    • profile image

      savita prajapati 

      8 years ago

      what is mdf

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very good questions. . I want more questions on electrical . . And also i need answers for there questions. . It may helpful for us , attending exams and interviews. . Please take it these words as serious. . .


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