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Teething Problems:First day of Teacher In School

Updated on September 10, 2015
Neelima Kamrah profile image

I am Neelima Kamrah working as Registrar at KIIT Group Of colleges.I did my Ph.D in education from Jamia.Believe in life is beautiful.

Interactive session with students and colleagues
Interactive session with students and colleagues | Source

How can I forget the day when I started my teaching career.Since childhood I wanted to become teacher. I was very happy when I was selected for teaching.I was so happy my dream was fulfilled.1st July’95, yes two decades back, but it looks like it was yesterday.On 30th June I went to meet my friends who were working as teachers,they told me it is not easy to handle students. Your legs feel shaky when you go to class for the first time. One of them said I was not able to open my mouth for first few seconds and then I started stammering too. I was scared hearing all those incidents.On my way back to home I felt my mouth was drying.I was in deep thoughts and clicking my fingers when I reached home.My father was surprised to see me in such condition.He called me and asked me reason for my nervousness.

My father who is teacher himself too, explained me, it happens if you are not prepared for class. He emphasised that you must be sure of yourself.Your first impression will be everlasting.Create your lesson plan, take teaching aid, do activities and it will be a good beginning, I started planning my day according to my father’s advice. Next day was D- day, I took bath and for the first time wore Saree which was dress code of the school.It took me half an hour to wear Saree.I was excited to take my first class.I prayed to God and started for school.

As I entered school Vice-principal gave me time-table where I was allotted class XII chemistry rather than class X as told at the time of my selection. Fortunately my first period was free.I requested her to tell me about the students of class XII A and XII F.She introduced me to both the class teachers.They were very helpful, they suggested lets go to assembly.Their they gave me tips about nature of students and their behaviour.Interested part was that class XII A consisted of high achievers while XII F had average and below average performance.After assembly I went to library and started planning for the class.I went to chemistry laboratory and looked for chemicals that I needed for my class.I prepared a quiz, handouts and took print- out to take in the class.I was relaxed and well prepared for the class.

In Second period, when I reached class XIIA, My heart was beating fast. As soon as students saw me, their smiles conveyed me clear message ,Oh! New teacher lets have fun. I opened my pandora box and their attention shifted from me to the different chemicals and test tubes .

I started with organic chemistry and did indicative test for functional groups which created interest in them. Then I started asking them questions. It gave clear and loud message to them she knows her subject . I motivated them on right answers and gently guided them towards right answers where they faltered.

centre tube confirms Iodoform test.
centre tube confirms Iodoform test.

They started asking questions and we carried the topic forward. So on the first day the tone of the class was set.As planned activities had moderate amount of humor to engage students, and connected students. They were clear that what was expected from them.After properties of carbonyl group we started with reactions based on carbonyl group.I gave them handout and quiz sheets.AS per my lesson plan, I completed my topic with in 40 minutes, but my period was of 50 minutes. Now what to do. It was challenge and I never wanted my students to know that I am not prepared for my next 10 minutes.

Suddenly a thought flashed and I told them we will do a recap of what we have done till now.Class was divided in to eight groups of 5 students each. In pairs they quickly started writing what they learnt.One group diagrammatically summarised the learning,second wrote a poem on carbonyl group,third one did reaction representation of carbonyl group,fourth group prepared MCQs,while fifth group wrote mystery behind chemistry. Students at the end said they felt they could understood topic with clarity and they were owner of their own learning. I also learnt it is very important to plan for 1 hour if I have to take class for fifty minutes. In planning we must keep in mind concentration span of the child, so after 10 minutes there should be some challenging activity linked to topic.


Next period was in class XIIF class teacher apprised me that prior my period they have maths class and they teacher for granted and never cooperate with her and they play with planes during that time.From outside of the classroom I saw the situation it was worse two boys were fighting(Like tom and jerry),few girls were eating groundnuts ,group of five students were troubling two girls by hitting them with planes made up of paper.Class was more like sabzi mandi .After assessing situation I entered classroom.I picked up aeroplane and asked them do you know how to make boomerang.They were shocked why she is asking us that.I told them aerodynamics for boomerang is better than these planes.So it will hit faster.Explained them each step and they also made it.Class environment changed entirely.


As class settled I asked a question to them have you seen a dog.Everyone nodded their head.My next question was when he sits, he first clean the place with their tail.Do you agree ? Students smiled and everyone agreed.They got the point and immediately picked up papers,peels and things thrown on floor.Climate of class was set for learning.Students excitedly participated in the different activities.After class I felt satisfied with the feedback I received from students.After lunch break we did practicals in chemistry laboratory.The first thing we discussed why practical skills are needed.Conclusion was to follow written procedures which involve the management and pursuit of a diverse range of common laboratory tasks so as to achieve a successful outcome .Important aspect is to take care of Laboratory safety ; assessment of hazards and minimising risks while you are doing practicals.

Meeting students to understand their background .
Meeting students to understand their background . | Source

Important tips for teachers:

1.Lesson plan should include activities which involve,engage,interest,absorbing and productive.

2. Plan for hands on experience.

3. Do pair and share activities.

4. Gap between theory and practical application should be bridged.

5. Read different books related to topics and encourage students to go through them.

6. Go beyond curriculum so that they also get passionate about learning.

7.Value inculcation through topic must be emphasised.

8. Believe in yourself.

9. Understand the background of students.

To conclude from my experience I would like to quote:

“Star Teacher Is The One Who Takes Light From Students Performance”


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