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Telepathy black magic

Updated on February 6, 2012

After seeking a lot of info. about telepathy and black magic from many forums,  sites and people via the Internet, i found many cases which are ignored by the  society or are lost in the dark because people don’t tell it to others out of  the fear of social shame and disbelief. These things very much exist, and such  hidden arts are called occult.

Telepathy is a power of subconscious mind, which can be used correctly with  practice. It probably was developed in the early stages of evolution of human  mind, which is now diminished in humans due to needlessness, but is still found  in animals who use it to get the sense of other living things around them. This  helps them in survival from predators. The mind senses some kind of thought  waves which lets one read the mind of others. There are even other planes of  awareness, which when perfected in practice of use, lets one read and affect  others minds even from a distance, and without conscious physical effort!

Magical rituals or ‘prayogs’ (in Hindi lang.) use some kind of spiritual or  cosmic energies to work as per the magicians will, that can cause good or harm  to others. Belief in magic is a big factor in understanding it, and proving it  exactly according to scientific methods is hard, thats why magic is not  experimentally proven, but practically true. People who possess the knowledge  and skill of to use the powers of magic, due to selfishness, don’t tell it to  others, or keep it inside a selfish and blind community. The common man in India  knows such things by word of mouth only, although there is much writing and  evidence in support of such things. The point is its not been made a subject of  study, yet. People think of fast returns these days. And they are ready to do  anything that gives easy power and success, but don’t want to touch things that  don’t seem to benefit. People who have real occult knowledge, keep it  unadvertised and hidden for their selfish use.

Why telepathy should be banned?
'Telepathy'- Literally translated, it means "suffering at a distance," or,  perhaps, "feeling pain at a distance." The name should really indicate "knowing  at a distance," in order to be properly descriptive. But as the term has  acquired a forced meaning by reason of years of usage, it will probably be  continued in popular favor. It is wrong to know others thoughts without their  permission or at least accepting responsibility of the task. It is a big power  and so the handling should be careful.

Why am i writing this article?

A recent experience made me to look after such things which I am still continuing.  After experiencing it myself, i know that telepathy exists, which is para- physical (Extra-sensory perception), but not super-normal. It opened my mind to  other unexplained phenomenon and i came to know that the knowledge of this  limitless universe and of the human mind is very limited to us. Constantly  dealing with psychic torture, i am now reasonably and totally against forced  telepathy. There is a lot to know in the unknown, if we keep our minds open.


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    • profile image

      she'll 3 years ago

      Have had 5 years of terrible telepathy or what the heck I see hear and have had attacks not fun

    • profile image

      shweinsteiger ronnie 3 years ago

      I want to join the group

    • profile image

      ilana willow 4 years ago

      i need to be clearer, the telepath cant sleep or meditate on the train or plain becouse he has to keep up with the speed you are moving at

      i kept the bastard awake and spent hours on trains trying to get him so tired that he would loose the grip on my head

      now i think i have found the way to get rid ogf him

      i will go on the train 10 hours a day for a week only sleeping on the train, the train makes him sick so he willl not be able to eat then i have saved enough to take a trip to austrailia wich from england is there and back 48 hours he has to travel at the same speed as the plain about 500 miles per hour, pray for me that this is enough for him to loose my head

    • profile image

      ilana helen willow 4 years ago

      telepathy exists alright iv been under attack for 8 years

      listen very carfully i dont know alot but i know some thing

      get on a train or prefferablly a plain for as long a jurny as posible , the telepath who is raping your consiance has to travel mentally or with his aura at the same speed your moving it will give him motion sickness

      the telepath doesnt sleep , he cant becouse he needs to hold on to you by concentrating on you all the time so he meditates on your breathing instead of sleeping so dont sleep till your on the train or plain i heard that it is posible to push out your aura into some one elses thats how i think they do it but if any one has any information that might help us all contact me at

    • profile image

      shichi 4 years ago

      I have a same problem you have sir, but i can only hear a thing not seeing everybody thoughts and what he/she sees. would you mind helping me, how to redo my telephaty, can you help me some of youre rituals, speal etc. on black magic, so i can sees anyone thoughts and what he/she sees please sir.

    • profile image 4 years ago

      Dear Nitin,

      I have read all your post. Instead of asking to favour me rather I would like to learn telepathy to myself only. All I have to say is to good will always remains good, even a bad have all the execuses.


    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 5 years ago from India

      I can definitely understand. And yes, I do think there should be restrictions on those harmful rituals..

    • nitin.pant profile image

      Nitin Pant 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Karthik, i agree that there can be good sides to ESP and magic but here i was talking about telepathy(torture from a distance) and Black magic(not white). Certainly a knife cannot be given in the hands of a child but here, there is no knife and no kids. Just grown ups who are misusing the power. Its about power and freewill. Its about wisdom and foolishness. Its about use and misuse. Powers have always been there and always would be (even newer ones as we discover more) but there has to be a check on the misuse and hiding something only for thier own people is not good. No way. We all have equal capability and power at dispense. You cannot say those ppl cannot tell the world because others are incapable of hadling those powers..... And Yes there needs to be a proper training, I agree.

      Thats why I say there should be a law banning it!! Lawyers didn't help me with my problem although I knew who was doing it with me...

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 5 years ago from India

      Nice hub Nitin. However, I have a different take on telepathy and the power of subconscious.

      1) You said that some people don't teach others the power of magic or mantras, though they have knowledge due to selfishness. As you yourself told, certain mantras are very powerful, especially when it comes to magic (white or black magic). Imagine giving a knife to a child. What would happen? It is the same thing with magic. There is black magic (I haven't ever experienced it, but I know that there are things in this world beyond explanation). What would happen if everyone knew how to cast black magic spells. The world would be filled with pain, suffering and countless deaths. Magic can be taught to those people who are capable of handling such power and use it in the right way.

      2) Telepathy shouldn't be banned. On the contrary, I think ESP should be taught and developed by each person. That is the true utilization of our subconscious power. We hardly use 2% of our mental powers. Developing our psychic and metaphysical abilities helps us utilize our brain power. I have used telepathy and I know the power. As far as I know, telepathy can be used only to communicate with others (at least I have never even thought about hurting anyone). Astonishingly, I have seen that I was able to communicate with a close friend of mine only through thoughts a couple of times.

      There are both good and bad sides to that power. If someone uses it to torture someone, that doesn't mean that the power is bad. It is just like nuclear energy. In the right hands, it can power an entire state. In the wrong hands, it can destroy an entire country.

    • nitin.pant profile image

      Nitin Pant 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hi luke. I understand how hard it is to tackle with such kind of problem as I've gone through it. Please write me the details of your problem at my email.(

      I cannot cure or fix your problem but I can suggest you ways to ignore and tackle with it so that life is a lot easier for you.

    • profile image

      luke 6 years ago

      i my self am victim of a forced telepathy at the moment.I need help to get rid of it but dont know what to do.Please help as is very hard to live a normal life.What can i do,anyone please help?