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Ten Culture Vulture Truths

Updated on May 21, 2013
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What every girl should know

Because politically correct culturally inoffensive, worldly wise gals are awesome, hands down

1. While you can noisily slurp your ramen noodles when you're in Japan, you shouldn't slurp away at your spaghetti while dining in Italy. Try to keep it nice and ladylike.

2. Don't stick your chopsticks into a bowl of rice between bites. It reminds the Chinese and Japanese people of offerings to ancestors (yes, we mean the dead.) Plus you don't wan those wooden edges to hit you on the chin either.

3. DON'T THINK IT'S ODD when your Russian boyfriend hands you a bouquet of 11 or 13 rose because even-numbered bouquets are only given at funerals.

4. WHEN VACATIONING IN GREECE, refrain from doing the "talk to the hand" gesture, People in the Byzantine Empire did it, hands covered in poop, ready to blacken the faces of the hardened criminals. Gross.

5. Two adults males holding hands might raise some eyebrows in the western world, but it's a run--of-the-mill thing in India and Muslim countries. Come on people-get with the program and see beyond gender lines.

6. While Filipinos are notorious for showing up late (when all else fails, blame it on the EDSA traffic), 10 minutes is not a big deal for Aussies and an hour is still fine for Argentines. Germans however, will never ever stand for non-punctual folk.

7. THUMBS UP MIGHT MEAN "OKAY"! to us, but did you know that it could also mean you're flipping the finger in other countries? You have been warned.

8.TIPPING YOUR WAITER IN JAPAN is an insult-it means you think he lives on tips instead of making an honest living from a job well done.

9. Don't position your bread upside down on the table in Italy and France. The act reminds them of bad lucks or an execution.

10. Burping after a meal in some parts of Canada is considered a compliment. Go figure.

credits: candy mag, may 2013 Philippines


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